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Tonight's Game: Milwaukee Bucks vs. Orlando Magic

Milwaukee Bucks main logo
Orlando Magic main logo
Bradley Center
8:30 PM
Sun Sports HD
Probable starters:
Mo Williams PG Carlos Arroyo
Michael Redd SG Maurice Evans
B. Simmons SF Hedo Turkoglu
C. Villanueva PF Rashard Lewis
Andrew Bogut C Dwight Howard
Season series:
31 Oct 2007: Magic 102, Bucks 83
12 Dec 2007: Bucks 100, Magic 86

Shaquille O'Neal told the Orlando Sentinel yesterday that he'd like to be the Magic's GM once he retires from playing. Well, there's an opening in Milwaukee if he's interested. The Bucks' owner, Senator Herb Kohl, was so dissatisfied with his team's performance -- Milwaukee is the only team Miami's beaten twice this year -- that he didn't even wait until the summer to fire former GM Larry Harris. The other Larry in the Bucks' organization, coach Larry Krystowiak, may find himself unemployed soon. Milwaukee is 29th in defensive efficiency, "bested" only by the New York Knicks. And it's not like the Bucks are injury-riddled or anything; they're just wildly underachieving. That didn't stop them from killing us in December, though, when we shot a comically awful .338 from the field. That's a solid average... for a baseball player. Ugh. Anyway, we owe them one. Let's take it to 'em; we need to tune-up before facing the Hornets on Monday.

As both Brian Schmitz and John Denton noted yesterday, Hedo Turkoglu will play tonight despite his sprained right wrist. Jameer Nelson is out, however, with a concussion suffered when he collided with Dwight Howard's forearm in Tuesday's loss to San Antonio. I kinda wish Stan Van Gundy would make Hedo miss a game or two just as a precaution, but Turk's played in every game this year, which is something of which he is proud, telling Denton yesterday, "One of my goals is to finish 82 games. I’ve never finished it before and hopefully I can this season."

Tipoff's at 8:30 and in glorious HD, so you'll be able to see Michael Redd's prominent bald spot. For a Bucks-centric preview of tonight's game, check out the write-up at BrewHoop, which consistently puts other NBA blogs to shame. We wish we were that good.

Go Magic.