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Vote For Stan in the Ball Don't Lie Bedlam Tournament

This urgent news item requires your attention: you must vote for Stan Van Gundy's wardrobe in the Ball Don't Lie Bedlam tournament. Currently, Stan's suit-and-turtleneck look is squaring off against Andrei Kirilenko's spouse-approved once-a-year extramarital relations. Uh, what? I'll let J.E. Skeets explain:

"Yes, in order to try and keep things hot and spicy over the next few weeks, we are introducing the Ball Don't Lie Bedlam tournament, where 64 NBA-related people, places and "things" will enter one bracket to compete for the title of ... well, I don't know actually. Favorite NBA Item? Sure. It's not really important.

So head on over to Ball Don't Lie and vote for Stan's impeccable fashion sense! It needs all the help it can get, as it's currently getting whipped.