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Orlando Magic News for March 24th: Just Play J.J., Okay?

I'm swamped with work today, so I probably won't be around here much until tomorrow. In the meantime, I implore you to read Brian Schmitz's latest blog post, in which he contends the Magic need to work J.J. into the rotation during the last 10 games of the regular season. As he writes, "We know what Mo Evans can do as the starting shooting guard. We know what his backup, Keith Bogans, can do as Mo's backup. We don't really know what Redick can do except sit on the bench and look peeved." It's really hard to argue against that.

Also, you can head over to this thread at MagicMadness to discuss whom the Magic should draft this summer.

And a quick announcement before I bury myself in homework: John Denton's Magic forum has moved. You can find it by clicking here. Update your bookmarks.

UPDATE: MME alerted me in the comments that the link to Denton's forum doesn't work. I logged out and pasted the link into this post once more, but it looks like the same convoluted URL. So, uh, I'm skeptical that it works.