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The Magic Do Not Impress Ira Winderman

Ira Winderman, who covers the Miami Heat for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, is one of the non-Magic beat reporters whose work I read daily. I have the utmost respect for him, as does anyone else who follows the NBA media scene.

Hopefully, the Magic players and coaching staff follow Winderman also, because he's just given the team plenty of motivation. Here are some bullets from the blog entry he made after Friday night's Magic victory over the Heat:

  • Oh, and the Magic is not very good [....]
  • The Magic remains little more than an all-or-nothing jump-shooting team.
  • One round and out for Stan Van Gundy's team? Entirely possible [....]
  • And don't want to hear about how the Heat missed with Jameer Nelson when it instead drafted Dorell Wright. Nelson isn't taking the Magic anywhere.

Ouch, Ira. We'll see how these predictions hold up in the playoffs. Too bad the Heat won't be there with us.