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Orlando Magic News for March 12th: We Need to Get "Nasty"

The Magic's game against the Clippers tips off in 20 minutes or so, so I'm right up against the deadline here. Let's get to it:

  • The Magic's new party line? They need to get tougher.

    The Magic have needed an enforcer-type guy for years. We don't need a thug like Bruce Bowen, but we do need someone who isn't afraid to dish out a little extra punishment when opponents try to attack the basket. Unfortunately, we've been reluctant in the past to acquire guys with less-than-stellar reputations. Hopefully, Otis Smith is not being disingenuous when he says, "[W]e've got to have a nasty about us."

  • Occurred as I was typing this post: J.J. Redick is back with the Magic, says John Denton. Redick left the team to be with his brother David, who underwent surgery on his spine on Monday.
  • Hal Boedeker, the Orlando Sentinel's TV critic, tells us that Hedo Turkoglu will be featured on NBA Access this Saturday at 1 PM (ABC). It's great to see that Hedo is getting the national media attention he deserves.
  • This story is a few days old, but Mike Bianchi had a chat with John Weisbrod, the former Magic GM not-so-affectionately referred to as "The Hockey Guy." It's a fascinating read, so check it out before the Sentinel archives it. Remember that Weisbrod drafted Dwight Howard, traded for Tony Battie, signed Hedo Turkoglu, and traded for the rights to Jameer Nelson during his tenure. Indeed, Weisbrod, not Otis Smith, is directly responsible for acquiring four of the Magic's five starters from last season. Of course, he also re-hired Brian Hill, traded Tracy McGrady for Steve Francis, and traded Cuttino Mobley for Doug Christie. But let's not forget the good things Weisbrod did for us.
  • Also a few days old: the Houston Rockets waived swingman Gerald Green on Saturday. Some Magic fans covet Green and think the Magic should make room for him on their roster; check out the discussion at Denton's board. It's not happening, guys. First, since the Rockets waived him after the March 1st deadline, he'd be ineligible for our playoff roster. Cutting one of our guys, even Pat Garrity, leaves us with only fourteen eligible players on a twelve-man active roster. It doesn't make sense to cut a guy who can play for another guy who can't. If the Magic are indeed desperate for a freakishly athletic player -- and they'd have to be desperate to sign Green, considering that three teams have given up on him already -- they can invite him to training camp this summer.
  • Many thanks to adamosthegreek at MagicMadness for posting this link to the NBA Dance Team Bracket. I guess the League needs something to put up against March Madness. The Magic's dancers are matched-up against the Cavaliers' right now. Head on over there to vote the Magic Dancers to victory.
  • Wow. That was corny. I'll quit while I'm only a bit behind.