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Tonight's Game: Orlando Magic vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Orlando Magic main logo
Philadelphia 76ers main logo
Amway Arena
7:00 PM
Sun Sports HD
Probable starters:
Jameer Nelson PG Andre Miller
Maurice Evans SG Willie Green
Hedo Turkoglu SF Andre Iguodala
Rashard Lewis PF Thaddeus Young
Dwight Howard C Samuel Dalembert

The Magic will try to capitalize on the beginning a favorable late-November schedule which includes no games versus teams with records above .500, including two games against Philadelphia. The 76ers gave the Magic quite a bit of trouble the last time they played, with reserve point guard Louis Williams (20 points, 7-of-12 FGs) doing most of the damage. Fortunately, the Magic won, thanks to Hedo Turkoglu's free throws in the final seconds. But given Williams' strong play, and the Magic's inability to contain Toronto's Jose Calderon, it's going to be a long night for Jameer Nelson and Keyon Dooling. Maybe we'll have a Carlos Arroyo sighting? For better or for worse, he's here for the rest of the season. Might as well use him.

Interesting thing for which to watch: will Pat Garrity be active? He had been for the past several games leading up to the trade deadline. Now that the deadline's passed, it doesn't make sense to activate him over James Augustine, who had been in street-clothes to facilitate showcasing Garrity.

Check out Sixers4Guidos for the view of Philadelphia from Italy (!). Ricky, who runs the site, is running a campaign for the 76ers to bring back their classic uniforms, which I fully endorse.

I'll be away from the computer for most of the day, which means I won't get a chance to respond to the comments in the Otis-bashing trade deadline thread until later. Leave love.

Or vitriol.

Um, go Magic!!!1