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New York Post: Magic Might Send Arroyo or Dooling to Knicks

The New York Post reports (via Brian Schmitz)that the Magic have had discussions with the Knicks about sending either Carlos Arroyo or Keyon Dooling to New York:

A league source told The Post the Knicks and Orlando discussed trades in recent days involving their two backup point guards, Carlos Arroyo and Keyon Dooling, but were in a stalemate.


Arroyo and Dooling each make roughly $4 million and own expiring contracts. But the Knicks didn't want to part with young players such as rookie Wilson Chandler Wilson Chandler , and neither team wanted to add payroll.

Orlando, with its glut of point guards, will not have the money to re-sign both as free agents following starter Jameer Nelson's contract extension.

I'm hoping we can pull a fast one on Knicks GM Isiah Thomas, who bailed us out two years ago by sending us Trevor Ariza and Penny Hardaway's corpse expiring contract for problem-child Steve Francis. Unfortunately, I don't see many players on the Knicks' roster who can help us. Renaldo Balkman and David Lee are both high-energy, rebound-focused guys, but Thomas doesn't want to part with either of them. Wilson Chandler, mentioned as a sticking-point in the above report, doesn't seem to be a long-term solution for us. He's only 20, and a rookie, but he's not a great rebounder (rebound rate: 11.2) ... or shooter (eFG%: .405)... or defender (PER allowed: 23.1).

Put that phone down, Otis! Get someone else, someone with actual assets to offer, on the line. The Bulls' John Paxson is reportedly taking calls for Joe Smith (via BlogABull); Toronto is the rumored interested party. Dial Pax up, Otis! DADDY NEEDS A NEW POWER FORWARD.

Yeah, so fun times at the trade deadline. Hardwood Paroxysm set the over/under on deadline deals at 2.5, not counting this morning's Rockets/Hornets trade.

Stay tuned.