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Orlando Magic News for February 18th - Post-All-Star Edition

  • John Denton of Florida Today spoke to Otis Smith over the weekend. Here's some of what Otis said:

    If I can find a bigger body who can play, well then great. But it has to make sense for us because I'm not doing a deal just because some other teams are dealing.

    Denton believes the Seattle SuperSonics have made Kurt Thomas and Chris Wilcox available, but that Smith hasn't been able to put together an attractive enough package for them. My belief? Otis will make a deal before the deadline, even if it's a minor one. Carlos Arroyo will probably be the bait.

  • Thanks to TexSUN for posting NBA dunk contest highlights in the diaries.
  • Regarding the Superman dunk: I didn't think it was that great. The costume and pageantry really sold it; the dunk itself wasn't impressive. Hell, of the four dunks Dwight did, it ranked third. The tap dunk and behind-the-backboard windmill were more difficult.
    • The Superman nickname is going to haunt Dwight and the Magic for a while, especially when the green-clad Celtics do a number on us in the playoffs. Prepare for Kryptonite-themed headlines...
  • Division Rival Watch: The Hawks obtained Mike Bibby from the Kings over the weekend. Bibby is only slightly better-than-average, but he basically assures the Hawks a playoff spot. Atlanta is a possible first-round opponent for Orlando, so we need to keep an eye out on how they fare the rest of the season.
    • Bibby, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Al Horford... that's a pretty good team.
  • MagicManEvan started his own Magic blog over the weekend. It's called Bold 'n' Blue. Check it out.
  • UPDATE: Forgot to mention this note in the first update: Marcin Gortat turned 24 years old on Sunday. Happy belated birthday, Marcin! Here's hoping you see some playing time before your 25th birthday.

We've got the Pistons tomorrow night. See you in the preview thread later.