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Orlando Magic 109, Denver Nuggets 98

The Magic won tonight, unexpectedly, thanks to some strong defense. Maybe I should bash the team more often.


The full recap should be up in this space sometime tomorrow morning. Until then, have fun with the boxscore:

  • Schmitz's 20/20 prediction for Dwight came true;
  • Rashard Lewis lead the team in scoring;
  • Briak Cook scored 18 points on 9 shot attempts;
  • and the two-guard tandem of Maurice Evans and Keith Bogans combined to shoot 2-of-15 for 4 points while J.J. Redick recorded yet another DNP-CD.

Interesting stuff.

Also, according to the Washington Post's Ivan Carter, Wizards forward Caron Butler is doubtful for the All-Star game this Sunday. Hedo Turkoglu's best shot to make the team is right now. The Canadian Press reports Ray Allen, not Hedo Turkoglu, will replace Butler. Thanks to Bullets Forever for the assist on the Carter article.

Besides tomorrow's recap, I don't plan on making any posts until after the All-Star break... which means Otis Smith will go do something completely stupid and I'll end up spending the whole weekend writing about it. Do NOT pick up that phone, Otis! Unless it's an offer for one of these guys.