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More Discussion of the Orlando Magic's Rumored Interest in Trading for Grant Hill

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Yup, there's more grist for the Grant-Hill-to-the-Orlando-Magic trade rumor mill. The rumor was first reported by Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel early Tuesday morning.

Hill told the Arizona Republic he'll retire if he's traded anywhere. Yet, as Schmitz is quick to point out, Ken Berger of CBS Sportsline confirmed the rumor with an "NBA coaching source who does not toss trade rumors around carelessly."

Whatever you make of the situation, it's clear that the rumor hasn't made anyone happy:

  • Hill was frustrated enough after reading Schmitz's initial story that he approached Suns GM Steve Kerr to discuss the rumor.

  • Magic fans, or at least the ones who read this site, are incensed that the Magic are apparently interested in trading for a man who, over a seven-year span, collected $93 million from the franchise while missing nearly half its games.

  • Suns fans want absolutely nothing to do with J.J. Redick, rumored to be the player Orlando would ship to Phoenix for Hill.

  • Schmitz is having to fend off criticism from all comers.

The two sides of this discussion are mutually exclusive. Either Grant Hill wants to be traded or he doesn't. Either the Orlando Magic want to trade for him or they don't. No matter whom you believe, it's clear that this rumor probably won't get resolved soon.

We now return to your regularly scheduled Magic/Spurs hype, already in progress.