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Tonight's Preseason Game: Charlotte Bobcats at Orlando Magic

Due to an oversight on my part, this post went up way too early. Here's the corrected version. Mybad.

2008/2009 NBA Preseason
Charlotte Bobcats main logo
Orlando Magic main logo
0-0 0-1
October 8th, 2008
Amway Arena
7:00 PM
Probable starters:
Raymond Felton PG Jameer Nelson
Jason Richardson SG Mickael Pietrus
Gerald Wallace SF Hedo Turkoglu
Emeka Okafor PF Rashard Lewis
Nazr Mohammed C Dwight Howard

The big question for the Magic tonight is if they can keep Charlotte's bigs off the glass. Emeka Okafor may present a challenge, but Nazr Mohammed and rookie Alexis Ajinca don't figure to do as much damage as, say, Atlanta's Zaza Pachulia and Solomon Jones did Monday night. Still, the Magic need to corral the Bobcats' misses lest they lose once more to a middling team.

I think we're all keeping our eyes ears on J.J. Redick. All aspects of him. When he plays, with whom he plays, how he plays... all of it. I was getting sick of hearing about J.J. being unhappy, but now it looks like he has a spot in the rotation. Interesting.

Another thing to watch is how well Mickael Pietrus defends Charlotte's bevy swing players. Jason Richardson had a career-season with the Bobcats last year and lead the NBA in three-pointers made. MP needs to keep Richardson, and his backup, Matt Carroll, honest from long-distance. If they get enough space, they'll make the Magic pay. Oh, and he needs to watch Gerald Wallace, too.

It's fair to say that Pietrus is in for a tough night defensively.

I'd like to see more from Hedo Turkoglu tonight. He barely registered on Monday, so it'd be nice if he was a bit more active offensively. But not too active. For the most part, the Bobcats are too quick and athletic not to make the Magic pay for turning the ball over.

I'm also looking forward to see what Jeremy Richardson, Dwayne Jones, and Mike Wilks can do. They each received DNP-CDs Monday night.

Intrigue abounds. Tip's at 7, but you're out of luck if you want to see the game unless you buy a ticket. It's not on TV in Orlando or, as far as I can tell, in Charlotte. Best of luck with Audio League Pass.

Go Magic.