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Schmitz: Orlando Magic Could Trade Keith Bogans or J.J. Redick Before the Preseason Ends

A brief dispatch from Brian Schmitz this morning says that the Orlando Magic might be exploring trade destinations for either J.J. Redick or Keith Bogans:

Magic General Manager Otis Smith told the Sentinel recently that he could have traded either J.J. Redick or Keith Bogans (along with Brian Cook) this summer.

And as late as Monday night, another Magic source said the club is looking at the Redick-Bogans situation.

Stay tuned.

Something could shake out this preseason as the Magic try to sort through a clutter of four shooting guards.

It's hard to figure which player has more value for the Magic. Bogans isn't quite the offensive weapon that Redick is, but he plays much better defense, which Stan Van Gundy prizes.

I don't care which player they trade as long as they receive a post-oriented power forward who rebounds well in return. It's clear that rebounding is the Magic's biggest need, and unless they plan on signing camp invitee Dwayne Jones, whose career rebound rate of 17.7 exceeds that of every Magic player not named Dwight Howard, it's a need they'll have to address via trade.