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Orlando Magic News for October 23rd: The Javaris Crittenton Trade Rumor Refuses to Die

  • The Memphis Commercial Appeal has gotten on the Javaris-Crittenton-to-the-Magic bandwagon. Ronald Tillery reports:

    The Griz haven't discussed any potential deals with any team regarding Crittenton but this much is for sure: Crittenton likely won't see much playing time at what is a crowded position behind O.J. Mayo, and Crittenton still could be moved.

    "I don't see Javaris Crittenton as a backup point guard," [Grizzlies coach Marc] Iavaroni said. "We have two point guards, and Marko Jaric is capable and can play point guard."

    As for possible deals, Iavaroni said: "We're always interested in improving our team. If we found a situation that would help us, we'd look at it."

    Would a deal involving Brian Cook work? He's a rich-man's Antoine Walker without the killer ego. Then again, the Grizz already have the Antoine Walker, so they might not be interested. Then again, why should the Magic be? He has not played well when given the opportunity. But 6'05" point guards are hard to come by, and the Magic are desperate for size at the position. (ht: BDL)

  • Brian Schmitz thinks Kevin Kruger, the former Magic summer-league point guard whom the Milwaukee Bucks just released, might be on Otis Smith's shortlist to fill his team's need for a third point guard. In a separate entry, he says Smith scouted 2005 Magic draftee Fran Vazquez when his European team played two exhibition games in Los Angeles last week. Otis' verdict? "I saw Fran play. He looked OK." Ouch. Maybe if he had played better he would not have to buy himself out of his contract, as Otis says he'll have to do if he hopes to join the Magic before 2010.
  • Let's extend a warm welcome to Outlaw is Rejector, who introduced himself to our community in this FanPost. OiR will serve as an ambassador from Blazer's Edge, SB Nation's Portland Trail Blazers blog, to this site.
  • Dwight Howard has joined's Blog Squad. Read it here. In his first entry, Dwight discusses, among other things, his Olympic experience, his three goals for this season, and Marcin Gortat. And thanks to 3QC user josh99 for posting the link in the FanShots.