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Orlando Magic News for October 22nd: Odds and Ends from FanHouse and NBA General Managers

  • Will Brinson of FanHouse, with help from some team-specific bloggers, uses his crystal ball on the Southeast Division. As expected, the Orlando Magic are favored to win their second straight Southeast Division title.

  • Also at FanHouse, Matt Moore has an exclusive interview with Hedo Turkoglu. An excerpt:

    MM: The Magic elected not to discuss an extension with you until after this season. How does that affect your opt-out decision next year?

    HT: You know what? I never really think about it. I think it's tough to focus on stuff that's not till next year. If they're trying to see if last year was a surprise year for Turk or if he's growing as a player and a person, that's understandable. If I don't go out and play like I did last year, then what will happen? So I have to just go out and play my game. Everything else will get taken care of. Even if a deal was done, it would be the same, I still have to go out and play and grow. And hopefully we'll be successful. I can't be like "Oh, I have to opt-out next year." That's going to affect my play if I try and play for my contract.

  • Shaquille O'Neal and Grant Hill want to buy the Magic together, says Scott Howard-Cooper of the Sacramento Bee (and tipped by Ziller). I can't think of any ownership group that could be any less popular among Magic fans. Shaq might as well get Brian Hill and Tracy McGrady on the phone to see if they're interested in investing, too. Maybe Chauncey Billups can contribute a few million.

    The whole idea is a joke. I like Shaq and Grant okay, but that puts me in the extreme minority among Magic fans.

  • The league released the results of its annual survey of general managers. Notable: the Magic were among seven teams to receive votes as NBA Champions, and Mickael Pietrus received votes as "the most underrated player acquisition."