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Orlando Magic News for October 2nd: No Plans to Extend Hedo Turkoglu's Contract

One relatively big item and two smaller ones today...

  • No truth to the rumor that the Orlando Magic would sign Hedo Turkoglu to a contract extension before the start of the coming season. John Denton and Brian Schmitz each report that Magic GM Otis Smith has no plans to negotiate a contract extension with Turk, who indicated last week he will opt-out of his current deal to become a free agent next summer.

    The following quote from Smith is brought to you by the Department of Irony:

    "Why would we start doing that now? We haven't even played a game yet," Smith said. "He had his best years with (the Magic). It's not an issue now and we're not going to make it an issue. You can do an extension, but why would I negotiate against myself?"

    It's not like Smith to negotiate against himself. Nope, not at all.

    In all seriousness, the non-move makes sense for the Magic. It's possible that Turk will continue to post borderline All-Star numbers in Magic coach Stan Van Gundy's offense; it's also possible that his stellar last season was a fluke. I agree with Smith in this instance. Let Hedo play this season. If he looks good, then try to lock him up next summer; if he looks too good, sign-and-trade him next summer.

  • Backup power forward Brian Cook did not show up to training camp in shape, which "puts him at a disadvantage," according to Van Gundy. The news bodes ill for Cook, whose spot in the rotation was by no means assured going into camp. The Magic need Cook to stay in-shape so he can space the floor with his three-point shooting for 10-to-15 minutes a game. If he falls further out of favor with Van Gundy, he could lose those minutes to Marcin "Copernicus" Gortat, who makes up for his lack of shooting touch with toughness and interior defense.
  • As the ever-reliable Marie noted in the FanPosts, Magic fans can get free coffee and donuts tomorrow morning at select Dunkin' Donuts locations. If they're lucky, they can also get some free preseason tickets as well. Check out the new FanPosts overview page, while you're at it.