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Orlando Magic News for October 14th: Magic Season Previews from Two Leading NBA Blogs

Ball Don't Lie previews the Orlando Magic's upcoming season. The preview features a Hedo Turkoglu lolcat, a look inside Stan Van Gundy's wardrobe, and a Twitter message from Transformers director Michael Bay.

Oh, and it also has some words of wisdom from Kelly Dwyer. His final prediction for Orlando, 53-29, doesn't sound optimistic, but fear not. The Magic are for real, and this year may be their best shot at winning a championship.

I can't wait to see this squad working at peak form this spring.


The whole team better make it this year, because though [Dwight] Howard and Jameer Nelson are still a pair of whippersnappers, this is the best Hedo [Turkoglu] and [Rashard] Lewis will ever play. And unless the Magic can sell high on their two forwards (don't bet on it), this will be the best chance at getting to the Finals that we'll see out of this crew, as presently constructed. This isn't to say that Howard and Nelson won't have their chances once a new supporting cast arrives a few years from now, they will, but this has to be the year. Has to.

I like their chances, though. Playoffs success often depends on having a solid short rotation, and the Magic do have a great one. It's getting to May that might be the problem.

The comments section of all the BDL Season Previews express distaste for the irreverent format, but don't listen to the haters. Check out the previews, especially the Bobcats one, which features an unspeakably funny Sean May lolcat.

Denver Stiffs -- a Nuggets blog, as you might expect -- is not nearly as optimistic about Orlando's title hopes. In its Eastern Conference Preview, it predicts a fifth-place finish in the conference and a first-round playoff exit. Ouch.

3QC's season preview will run in a little over a week.