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UPDATED - Tonight's Game: Los Angeles Clippers vs. Orlando Magic

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Los Angeles Clippers main logo
Orlando Magic alternate logo
Staples Center
10:30 PM
FSN Florida
Probable starters:
Sam Cassell PG Carlos Arroyo
Quinton Ross SG J.J. Redick1
Corey Maggette SF Hedo Turkoglu
Al Thornton PF Rashard Lewis
Chris Kaman C Dwight Howard

I stayed up late last night to listen to the Kings game, although I did tune-out early. Here's the recap, which just hit the front page moments ago. Either way, this preview is pretty abbreviated.

The Clippers have been absolutely decimated by injuries, and it might be time for them to make some trades to make sure they get something in return for free-agents-to-be Corey Maggette and Sam Cassell. ClipperSteve thinks Orlando would be an ideal destination for Maggette, who started his career with the Magic:

But wouldn't Corey be a nice fit in Orlando?  Keith Bogans is their starting shooting guard, and Mo Evans is their first forward off the bench.  Maggette would be a major upgrade in both cases.

I'd love to see Corey in Magic-blue again, but I still think our biggest concern is at power forward, not at shooting guard.

The game starts at 10:30. Maybe we'll start then, too. Another 18-point first quarter in a losing effort and I'll be royally pissed-off at first, then move into a fairly dark stage of depression as I prepare myself for another mediocre season. Maybe I can buy this Reece Gaines replica jersey -- yes, you read that right -- and cry into it when it arrives.

UPDATE: ClipperSteve has his preview up at Clips Nation, and makes this sobering statement:

[O]ther than Hedo Turkoglu, no one else on the Magic is having a particularly good season.  Hence 10 losses in the last 16 games (I can't really explain the 16-4 start).  In fact, in their last 9 games they are 4 and 5, but the four wins came against New York, Miami, Charlotte and Chicago - literally the 4 worst teams in the Eastern conference.  They have one win against a team with a winning record in their last 16 games - which is one more than the Clippers have, but still. It's actually even worse than that; the total is 0 wins over teams with plus-.500 records in that stretch, which starts with that awful home loss to Indiana. I knew we were playing poorly, but that poorly?! Sweet merciful Seikaly.

1 No, I don't think J.J. will start in this game at all, but he probably should. Bogans and Keyon Dooling have been awful lately, and Stan really has nothing to lose by starting the youngster, especially after his strong, 10-point showing last night. Free J.J.!