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UPDATED: Orlando Magic News for January 29th - Magic Won't Trade J.J. Redick

  • Scoop of the Day goes to John Denton, who reports that Otis Smith has denied, and will continue to deny, requests from J.J. Redick's representatives to trade him. Here's my favorite part of the piece:

    "We know that he can play, but as with a lot of young guys he just has to be patient," said Smith, who drafted Redick 11th overall in the 2006 NBA Draft. "If I trade him and he goes somewhere else and plays well, then what?"

    Then, Otis, you'll look like a moron. Smith points out that Redick could move up on the depth chart this summer, and Keyon Dooling's and Maurice Evans' contracts will expire and Keith Bogans' will have a player option. I can't imagine the Magic letting Dooling go, and Bogans would be foolish to opt-out -- there's no way he'd get better money than the $2.9 million he's slated to earn next year -- so J.J. is probably stuck.

  • Up in the diaries today: my Eastern Conference All-Star Reserve ballot. Spoiler alert: Hedo didn't make the cut. Sorry, Turk.
  • John Hollinger has his All-Sleeper team roster up at ESPN Insider - click over there now, because it's only free to view today. No Magic players are mentioned, but there is someone on there who could help us: Ryan Gomes. Hollinger notes that he's averaged 15.5 points and 6.4 rebounds in 2008. I'd take that -- Hell, I'd take 10-and-5 -- from a backup power forward, wouldn't you? He'll be a restricted free agent this summer. If the Timberwolves are nuts about him, they'll match almost any offer another team makes to Gomes. I'd say he's worth the mid-level exception.
  • UPDATE: Brian Schmitz reports the Magic are not interested in signing Damon Stoudamire. An report late last night stated the Magic were one of several teams who had contacted the recently bought-out, veteran point guard.