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Orlando Magic 96, Boston Celtics 93

Photo of Hedo Turkoglu's game-winning three-pointer on the Boston Celtics on January 27th, 2008.
Hedo Turkoglu wins the game for the Orlando Magic with this three-pointer in at the final buzzer. The shot defeated the Boston Celtics to send their record to 34-8.
Photo by Fernando Medina, NBAE/Getty Images

Inarguably the best game I've had the privilege of attending in person. Wow. I'll have a complete recap up later tonight Monday (mybad), so until then, enjoy the photo above and the boxscore. The only thing that would have made this win better would have been if Kevin Garnett played for Boston. That way, the Celtics wouldn't have any excuses behind which to hide.


EDIT: The recap is now up in this post.