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Orlando Magic News for January 26th

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  • Deja vu all over again: note that in the 3QC recap of the Magic's first loss to the Pistons, the feature photo was Rashard Lewis getting his shot blocked baby eaten by Jason Maxiell. In last night's recap, it was Lewis getting his shot blocked by Amir Johnson. In both games, the Magic wasted good efforts from their starting point guards and from Keith Bogans. The only real difference was that Lewis played fairly well in the first meeting, and not well at all last night.
  • Brian Schmitz gets under my skin with this blog entry, in which he asserts Shaquille O'Neal should be an All-Star this season because, "if anybody should get a lifetime achievement award, it's Shaq." He goes so far as to say, "This is where Commissioner David Stern can step in and create another roster spot." Are you kidding, Brian? At least three guards in the West are going to get shafted because of too much talent at that position, and you want to create a "lifetime achievement" roster spot for an injury-prone, past-his-prime, ineffective center in the inferior conference? Give me a break.
  • Dwight Howard also thinks Shaq should be an All-Star. Say it ain't so, Dwight.
  • Speaking of Howard and O'Neal, Accuscore's Jonathan Lee has this in-depth statistical comparison of the two players at age 22.

The game preview for tomorrow should be up sometime later today.