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Halftime in Memphis: Orlando Magic 58, Memphis Grizzlies 48

The numbers tell the story:

  • 1: the number of Magic offensive rebounds
  • 8: the number of Grizzlies offensive rebounds

Based on that, you'd think we'd be losing. But that is just not the case:

  • 30: the number of points the Magic scored on three-pointers (10-of-17 shooting)
  • .735: the Magic's eFG%

The Grizzlies made a bit of a run midway through the period, scoring 8 straight points after a timeout, but the Magic regrouped and have taken control. Hedo Turkoglu is puzzling Memphis defenders; they just can't guard him on the pick-and-roll. He has 18 points on just 9 shots.

I'd say we have this one in the bag, but we only lead by 10. Let's not forget we blew a game to the Bobcats last Wednesday with an even bigger halftime lead. It's not over until it's over... even against the Grizzlies.  

UPDATE: The 10 first-half treys set a franchise record.