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UPDATED: Orlando Magic News for January 11th - Dwight is a Dad

Slow news day. Goodness.

  • UPDATE: Earlier, I somehow forgot to link this rather lengthy Hardwood Paroxysm post, which suggests ways to improve the other stuff that happens at NBA games. Bravo, gents. Magic fans who are similarly annoyed with the entertainment at Amway Arena should definitely read this post. It's pretty ridiculous that the "other stuff" -- Stuff the Mascot, the Magic dancers, the JetBlue Crew, etc. -- is collectively called "Magic Live" and billed as an "in-arena entertainment experience." Note to whoever is responsible for coming up with this stuff: the GAME ITSELF is the "in-arena entertainment experience." Good grief.
  • In non-basketball news, Dwight Howard is the father of a baby boy who was born on November 18th. The Orlando Sentinel reports the mother is Royce Reed, who was an Orlando Magic Dancer during the 2005/2006 season. Oddly enough, she spent last year as a Miami Heat dancer. She now joins Rony Seikaly, Shaquille O'Neal, and Michael Doleac as people who have worked for both Florida-based NBA teams. Congratulations, Dwight. Just stay away from Jason Maxiell for a while.
  • Also from the Sentinel: ABC has picked up the Magic/Celtics game on January 27th. Tipoff has been moved up to 1 PM. It's been five or six years since I've been to a nationally televised, non-playoff Magic game, so that should be exciting.
  • Bullets Forever makes the case that Brendan Haywood is the second-best center in the Eastern Conference. Unfortunately, I don't think the coaches will vote him onto the team; Chris Bosh, although listed as a forward on the NBA's official ballot, is more likely to be designated a center for backup purposes.

Is it 9:00 yet?