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Simmons: The Magic Could Help the Nets Trade Jason Kidd

In this article on, Bill Simmons tries to figure out a way for the New Jersey Nets to trade Jason Kidd to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Orlando Magic don't play a big role in this hypothetical trade, instead serving only as a salary-cap facilitator for the Nets; as Simmons notes, the Nets "want to clear Kidd for cap space, draft picks and a young point guard and that's it."

Vlad Rad to the Magic? Really?

Well, it kinda makes sense, especially when you consider that we'd only be dumping the expiring contracts of Pat Garrity and James Augustine. And Radman can shoot the three well -- .378 for his career and .418 this season -- so he'd certainly fit in with Stan Van Gundy's three-point-happy offense.


Radmanovic is on the books for another 4 seasons. We're pretty inflexible salary-wise as it is, given Rashard Lewis' contract. Why complicate it? Would Radmanovic be the final piece of the puzzle? Because I'm totally willing to overpay an average-at-best three-point marksman if it means we'll win a title or two with him.

What do you think? Would you jump at the chance to trade Pat Garrity and James Augustine for Vladimir Radmanovic, in spite of his hefty contract?


Would you trade Pat Garrity and James Augustine for Vladimir Radmanovic?

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  • 47%
    Yes, absolutely.
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  • 29%
    Only if Radmanovic's contract were more reasonable.
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