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UPDATE - Bad News: Jameer Nelson Cries After Receiving a Text Message

Jameer Nelson
Jameer Nelson shoots over Steve Nash in the Magic's loss to the Suns on Friday night. Two news outlets reported that Nelson broke down in tears after the game after receiving a text message.
Photo by Barry Gossage, NBAE/Getty Images

Brian Schmitz brings us the awful news that Jameer Nelson broke down in tears after receiving a text message following the Magic's 110-106 loss to the Suns. His teammates gathered around him and the media were briefly dismissed. No one is saying what was in the message, but it must have been pretty serious. It's unknown whether Nelson will be available Sunday versus the Lakers.

John Denton corroborates the story, also adding that Rashard Lewis believes Shawn Marion fouled him on the three-point attempt that would have won the game for Orlando:

"Oh yeah, I got hit. It was clear as day," Lewis said. "When I shot the ball it just started curving to the left because I got hit. He was late and didn’t have a chance to block it, so he went straight for my elbow."

That no-call is certainly upsetting, but I'm more concerned about Jameer right now. Best wishes to him and his family. I hope everything's alright with them.

UPDATE: The text mentioned Jameer's late father, reports Brian Schmitz.