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Orlando Magic News for November 9th - Magic get Injury Exception

  • John Denton has the biggest Magic news in quite some time. Just moments ago, he broke the story that the NBA has awarded the Magic an injury exception for Tony Battie, who is out for the season with rotator cuff surgery. The exception is worth $2.6 million and Orlando is already working hard to find a power forward or center via a trade or free-agency. They have until December 10th to use the exception.
  • Interesting item in Newsday about the Magic, the Knicks, Rashard Lewis, and Zach Randolph. Apparently, Knicks GM Isiah Thomas wanted to obtain Lewis from Seattle, but Magic GM Otis Smith beat him to the punch by getting Lewis to agree to a deal well before the free-agent signing period began. Thus, Thomas traded for Randolph, and both teams are better off for it, the article asserts.
  • Stop Mike Lupica checks in with this in-depth look at Marcin Gortat, which includes a must-see YouTube clip.
  • Brian Schmitz has insight on why Trevor Ariza isn't in the Magic's rotation. Stan Van Gundy views Trevor as a "situational" player. Trevor, apparently, just shrugged his shoulders whn asked why he couldn't get into a game, which worries me; shouldn't he be desperate to get out onto the floor to prove what he can do?