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UPDATED: Orlando Magic News for November 5th

Not much to report today, but here it is...

  • FSN/BRIGHT HOUSE UPDATE: I don't know how I missed this Sentinel story earlier today but MAGICMANEVAN pointed it out over at MagicMadness. FSN and Bright House Networks have been in negotiations to add the channel to the network, but a source close to the situation told the Sentinel's Beth Kassab that "[The negotiations] aren't really going anywhere right now." Ouch. Kassab mentions that Magic fans in Orlando who are unable to get FSN can go to local sports-bars to watch the games.
  • Hedo Turkoglu is a ninja. Quoth Keith Bogans: "He likes the fact that he doesn't get any credit. That way he can sneak up on people."
  • The Magic are up to no. 8 on Marc Stein's Power Rankings on ESPN. That's up from no. 11 last week.
  • Over at, however, the Magic have dropped from no. 15 last week to no. 17 this week.
  • Seth at Posting and Toasting, an SBN sister-site that covers the Knicks, watched last night's Knicks/Timberwolves game and made this assertion afterwards. Keep in mind that we play the Knicks on Friday:

    Everyone earned their minutes and filled them well. The communication on defense remains to be miserable, though, and teams with even decent three-point shooters are gonna destroy us at this rate.

    He has a point. Knicks' opponents are shooting .538 from downtown so far this season, which is especially significant because they allow 20.5 three-point attempts per game. Let's see what long-range damage they let the Nuggets do to them tomorrow night.

  • The hilarious blog "Straight Cash, Homey," which posts candid photos of people wearing odd sports jerseys in public, has its special NBA edition up at's Page 2. Check out the the Magic jersey the third guy on the page is sporting. How of those were made, do you think, considering that particular player was only here for one season? Wow.