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Orlando Magic Statistical Leaders for Week One

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Here is a rundown of Orlando Magic statistics after the first week of the 2007/2008 NBA season. Enjoy!

Individual statistics

Stat Leader(s) Value
Points Per Game Hedo Turkoglu 22.0
Rebounds Per Game Dwight Howard 13.3
Assists Per Game Jameer Nelson 5.0
Steals Per Game Jameer Nelson, Hedo Turkoglu 1.3
Blocks Per Game Dwight Howard 3.7
Turnovers Per Game Dwight Howard 3.0
Minutes Per Game Rashard Lewis, Hedo Turkoglu 36.0
Field Goal Percentage Rashard Lewis .584
3-point Field Goal Percentage Hedo Turkoglu .533
Free Throw Percentage1 Jameer Nelson .938
eFG%2 Keith Bogans .765

Did any of you guys have Hedo Turkoglu marked down as our leading scorer through three games? And how about Keith Bogans' shooting?


Team statistics

The four highlighted statistical categories in the table below comprise the "Four Factors," developed by statistician Dean Oliver and explained in his book, Basketball On Paper. These statistics, from left to right, are the most important factors in determining a given team's success on the court.

Points O Rating3 eFG% TO Rate4 O Reb Rate5 FT Rate6
Orlando 288 109.8 .489 13.3 22.8 29.1
Opponents 281 105.4 .464 15.8 32.4 20.1

What do these numbers tell us? Well, the Magic are taking good care of the ball; they're scoring 5 more points per 100 possessions than they did last year; they're giving up only 1 more point per 100 possessions than they did last year; and they can't rebound worth a damn.

Based on our point differential, our expected record is 48 wins and 34 losses7. We were a 43-win team last season based on point differential, so there's been solid improvement. Let's see how that holds up on Sunday, though, after we've played four games in five nights.

Footnotes are after the jump.

1 - Minimum 10 attempts
2 - Effective field goal percentage; measures field goal percentage by accounting for the fact that three-point shots are worth more points than two-point shots.
3 - Offensive rating; Points scored per 100 possessions.
4 - Turnover rate; turnovers per 100 possessions.
5 - Offensive rebound rate; Percentage of own missed shots resulting in an offensive rebound. The formula is O Reb/(O Reb + Opp D Reb). An average team rebounds 27% of its own misses.
6 - Free throw rate; percentage of free throws made divided by field goals attempted. Oliver's studies showed that the best teams get to the foul line often. But it's not enough to merely get to the foul line; you have to make the shots. This statistic measures a team's ability to capitalize on its free throw opportunities.
7 - The formula for projected win percentage is (points scored14.5)/(points scored14.5 + points allowed14.5.) Multiply the result by 82 to get the projected win total.