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Tonight's Game: Orlando Magic vs. Charlotte Bobcats - Open Thread

Charlotte Bobcats main logo
Orlando Magic main logo
Amway Arena
7:00 PM
No local TV
Probable starters:
Raymond Felton PG Jameer Nelson
Jason Richardson SG Keith Bogans
Gerald Wallace SF Hedo Turkoglu
Emeka Okafor PF Rashard Lewis
Primoz Brezec C Dwight Howard

The holiday has forced me to abbreviate this game preview, but I do have some quick thoughts:

  • This game has "letdown" written all over it. The Magic have only lost to elite teams this year, but they're bound to lose to average ones at some point. With the Heat/Van-Gundy-vs.-Riley showdown on Saturday, the Magic may be looking past Charlotte, which they simply can't do if they hope to win. Gerald Wallace has snapped out of his early-season funk and Raymond Felton is having a career year.
  • I want to see what the new guys can do, which obviously involves them being on the active roster for the game and somehow carving out some minutes. And even then, I won't be able to literally see the game; it's not locally televised. Maybe I'll end up buying a ticket and seeing it in person. Hrm.