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NBA Atlantic Division Previews

Jeff at CelticsBlog has reprised his role as NBA Season-Preview host/coordinator. As the countdown to opening night continues, Jeff is compiling team previews from some of the best team-centric NBA blogs out there. This week, the focus is the Atlantic Division teams.

The Magic's 2006/2007 record against each team is listed in parentheses.

Celtics - (2-1)
Celtics Blog      
LOY's Place    
Celtics 17      
Red's Army    
Celtics 24/7
Green Bandwagon

Nets - (2-1)
Hooplah Nation

Knicks - (1-2)
Straight Bangin'    
Posting and Toasting    

Sixers - (2-1)
Passion and Pride

Raptors - (0-4)

CelticsBlog NBA Page

Look for the other divisions to be previewed in the weeks ahead. 3QC will be participating in the Southeast edition.