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Orlando Magic Training Camp: Day Four Roundup -- Dwight Developing a Jumper

The Magic's internet wizards have developed a great 2007 Training Camp section on the team's website, complete with day-by-day updates. It's well worth checking out. I'll be quoting from it daily as training camp progresses.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit to come out of today's update is that Dwight Howard is working on developing a fifteen-foot jump-shot. Stan Van Gundy stopped short of saying that it's actually good, though:

"His shot is a work in progress," said Van Gundy. "His strengths we already know, his ability to run the floor, his offensive rebounding, and his ability near the hoop, but he is working hard to develop that shot and I am confident that he will eventually develop that part of his game."

I'm all for Dwight learning to shoot jumpers, but I'm more concerned about his free-throw shooting. He was fourth in the league in free-throw attempts last season, as he shot -- can you believe this? -- 666 freebies, but converted on a scant 390 (58.6%) of them. If he managed to shoot 75%, his scoring average would have increased from 17.4 to 18.9, a not-so-insignificant jump. He'd also be an even better fantasy player, but that's a subject for another entry.

The article also mentions that Carlos Arroyo sat out today due to "dental issues." I can sympathize with him because watching the Magic's point-guard rotation was as painful as getting a root canal. Luckily, the point guard play so far has been solid, as Arroyo, Jameer Nelson, and Keyon Dooling combined for 16 assists and just one turnover on Monday. Great numbers, but I'll wait to see how they do playing against actual opponents instead of their teammates.

All in all, a quiet day in Magic Nation. The next big announcement will likely be regarding Tony Battie's status for this season, and whether or not the Magic will be granted an injury exception for it. Stay tuned.