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Schmitz: Lewis and Howard Are the Only For-Sure Starters

Brian Schmitz is back at his Magic BasketBlog after a summer-long hiatus, and he's been giving fairly regular updates throughout Magic training camp. Now, he gives us the fairly surprising news that only Rashard Lewis and Dwight Howard have been guaranteed spots in the starting lineup:

According to guard J.J. Redick, Van Gundy said that only Dwight Howard (duh) and Rashard Lewis (double duh) have starting jobs. Not going to sit $200 million worth of players on the pine.

That leaves one forward spot open (whichever one Lewis doesn't play), the shooting-guard job and. . .. hmmmmmm....the point-guard position.

I was under the impression that Jameer Nelson was going to be The Man at point guard, despite his poor showing last season. Sounds like Carlos Arroyo and Keyon Dooling are going to have a pretty intense camp, as they figure to be the other two players in contention to run the point this season.

Schmitz's projected starting lineup is Nelson and Trevor Ariza at the guard spots, Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu at the forwards, and Dwight Howard at center. I can't say I disagree with that, although I wouldn't mind seeing Turk traded somewhere for big-man help. Tony Battie, the veteran workhorse, is likely out for the year and Chris Webber, the best available big, told ESPN he's only considering returning to the Pistons.

More training camp news as it happens.