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Denton: Trevor Ariza and Keyon Dooling Are Hurt Worse than We Thought

Well, crap.

John Denton posted in his update today that the injuries to Trevor Ariza and Keyon Dooling are worse than initially expected. Emphases mine:

The Magic initially reported Ariza’s injury as tendinitis in his left foot, but Ariza said he actually felt a "pop" in the foot last week and has experienced pain ever since. Ariza said he injured his foot sprinting out to contest a shot and the "pop" scared him because he felt pain instantly. He didn’t play Friday against Miami and he will miss all three games this week.
[. . . .]
Dooling has been out since early in training camp with a mysterious pain in his groin. Dooling is feeling discomfort in his pubic region and hip muscles and that is also putting a strain on his groin. It sounds eerily familiar to the sports hernia injury that Grant Hill suffered two years ago, one that needed surgery to repair and in essence limited him for a full season.

Trevor is expected to miss at least another week, and Keyon's return is uncertain. While Trevor's statistics last year weren't particularly impressive, he is invaluable to this team; the Magic went 5-15 from January 10th to February 25th while he nursed a knee injury, and it essentially tanked their season. Keyon isn't as important to the team, but he provides versatility and  good defense in the backcourt. As 3QC commenter Zorgon pointed out in this post after Rashard Lewis sprained his ankle, the Magic have already had to deal with more than their fair share of injuries so far. Let's hope we don't turn into last year's New Orleans Hornets.


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