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Rudy Gay Trade: Hollinger Talks to TrueHoop TV


Hollinger sat down with Henry Abbott of TrueHoop TV to discuss the state of the Memphis Grizzlies after the two recent big trades.


Pure Point Rating: A Primer

(Ben - from the FanPosts) What's Pure Point Rating, you ask? Well, interestingly enough, I didn't know about it before I was handily linked over to the recent 10-day contract primer on SB Nation's...



This is an ESPN the magazine article from november 08 written by ric bucher comparing the 2 point gaurds on the rise. intresting stuff. scroll down to 'fan' to see what bill simmons wrote. funny.

Berri/Hollinger/Oliver/Silver: NBA stats smackdown!

In his first few games with the New York Knicks, Carmelo Anthony has been everything everyone expected him to be. To admirers, he's putting up the numbers of a legitimate superstar: about 25 points and seven rebounds a game. Detractors see a different Melo: a ball hog who's shooting a meager 42 percent from the field. "I think what Carmelo does is, the more players you have guarding him, the more he wants to shoot. Which is the opposite of what you're supposed to do," says economist Dave Berri, author of several books on sports statistics and player evaluation. In the run-up to the NBA trading deadline, Berri told the Wall Street Journal that if the Knicks sold the farm to bring in Carmelo, they would win "roughly 29 games over a full year." After seeing which players were actually involved in the deal, he said the team might win 50.* A lot of people thought that sounded off. New York Times stats guru Nate Silver argued that, on the contrary, Melo is "the ultimate team player" because his offensive game draws defenders and allows his teammates to get more wide-open shots, boosting their field goal percentage. Carmelo's value, Silver and other analysts said, was spilling over his own stat line and into the box scores of his teammates.

NBA: Are the two Florida teams for real? - ESPN


At ESPN Insider (subscription required), John Hollinger explains why "pundits" don't like the championship odds of the Orlando Magic or Miami heat, and why their arguments against the two Florida teams are flawed.

John Hollinger calls Jrue Holiday "The Jruth"


I'd be a little more excited if he didn't shortchange Holiday's triple-dub, but still like his taste in nicknames. "I'd be a little more enthusiastic if it wasn't the pathetic 11-10-10 variety of triple-double. I agree that The Jruth is one of the league's most promising young guards, but let's not cue up the Jason Kidd comparisons just yet."

"Kevin Love, Timberwolves: Virtually every list I've seen has placed Love on the All-Star team,...


"Kevin Love, Timberwolves: Virtually every list I've seen has placed Love on the All-Star team, which may lead people to think he's a shoo-in. Actually, I'm dubious. For starters, there's the long-held bias against players from teams with losing records that I mentioned above. But in Love's case, a larger bias is at work. Since I presume most of you don't regularly talk with scouts and assistant coaches, I can't emphasize this enough: It is shocking how dismissive virtually every old-school basketball type is of Love. Most personnel types grudgingly admit he's a spectacular rebounder before adding that he's unathletic, struggles on defense and basically doesn't fit their prototype of what a star big man ought to be. Even his own coach was indifferent toward him for 10 games until the first 30-30 game in a quarter-century clued him in to the fact that Love might be pretty good. Since these are the people doing the voting, and since Love already faces an uphill battle thanks to his non-reclining middle seat aboard Kahn Air, I'm not sure if he's getting in. I should point out that there is some validity to the scout-speak -- Love is a subpar defender and he can't consistently get his own shot. Nonetheless, it would be unprecedented to leave out a player with such spectacular individual accomplishments. Love has a whopping two-board lead on the field in the chase for the rebound title; additionally, he's shooting 44.5 percent on 3s, and scores at a phenomenal rate (23.5 points per 40 minutes) for a guy who never has plays called for him. The T-wolves may stink, but it's tough to pin that on him. In fact, I'd argue it hurts him -- by my calculations, Sota's soft defense costs Love nearly half a defensive rebound per game."

John Hollinger making a case for Kevin Love in the All-Star Game.

Online Chat With ESPN's John Hollinger on 1|7|11


1|7|11 Online Chat With John Hollinger

Speights and Thad make John Hollinger's list of "Kevin Love All-Stars"


"Thus far, [Speights has] played only 76 minutes in eight games. The 23-year-old big man is one of his team's best young talents and should have a much more prominent role. [snip] Young has played only 21.0 minutes a game and is currently backing up Andres Nocioni; for the first two games he sat behind Jason Kapono. Since Young is shooting 58.2 percent and has been better than either Nocioni or Kapono since the day he entered the league, I find this more than a bit curious." -- John Hollinger

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