Off-Day Open Thread

Off-Day Open Thread: the Orlando Magic's Long Wait for the Next Round of the Playoffs


Because the Orlando Magic have swept their first-round playoff series against the Charlotte Bobcats, they'll have a long layoff until their next series. OPP asks if that rest will help or harm the...

Off-Day Open Thread: Which Struggling Orlando Magic Player Needs to Step Up the Soonest?


The Orlando Magic have a 2-0 series lead over the Charlotte Bobcats despite the fact that many of their players are struggling. OPP asks which one needs to get back in gear in order for the Magic...

Off-Day Open Thread: Should Mike Miller or Tracy McGrady Figure into the Orlando Magic's Free-Agency Plans This Summer?


Former Orlando Magic swingmen Mike Miller and Tracy McGrady have both expressed an interest in returning to the Magic this summer as free agents. Ben Q. Rock asks if Orlando should make the...

Off-Day Open Thread: Should the Orlando Magic Curb Their Complaining to Referees?


A series of run-ins with game officials has Orlando Magic beat write Brian Schmitz worried about the team losing its composure in the postseason. Is it really a cause for concern? OPP gives its...

Off-Day Open Thread: Jameer Nelson's Point-Guard Worldview


OPP uses yet another Orlando Magic off day to spark discussion of point guard Jameer Nelson's playmaking philosophy, which he summed up after a win against the Cleveland Cavaliers last month.

Off-Day Open Thread: Hedo Turkoglu's Disappointing Season


Word out of Toronto is that Raptors forward Hedo Turkoglu has essentially taken the year off in his first year away from the Orlando Magic, for whom he played 5 years, contributing 2 excellent ones...

Off-Day Open Thread: What's J.J. Redick Worth?


J.J. Redick turned in a marvelous performance for the Orlando Magic yesterday, with 23 points, 7 rebounds, and 8 assists. It's part of what's been his best season, and he's due to be a free agent...

Off-Day Open Thread: a Rift Develops in the Orlando Magic's Locker Room in Wake of Tough Loss to the Atlanta Hawks


Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel reports that the Orlando Magic, the NBA's most dominant team since the All-Star break, have a locker-room tiff on their hands. Forwards Rashard Lewis and Matt...

Off-Day Open Thread: Dwight Howard and Marcin Gortat at the Power Positions


With the playoffs approaching, and after the pair successfully played together last night, Orlando Pinstriped Post asks if Dwight Howard and Marcin Gortat are a viable combination at the power...

Off-Day Open Thread: Should We Worry about Rashard Lewis?


Orlando Magic forward Rashard Lewis has played poorly in all facets of the game lately, but insists he doesn't mind it as long as the Magic are winning. OPP asks if Lewis' decline might have...

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