OPP Mailbag: Evaluating 2015 point-guard prospects


What happens if the Magic don't select a point guard in 2014? Are there any top point guards in 2015? We tackle those questions in this Mailbag.

Ty Tuesday: Can Parker and Harris coexist?

Tyler Lashbrook dishes on the Draft in a Thursday edition of his Ty Tuesday column.

OPP Mailbag: Should the Magic consider Fredette?


The third-year sharpshooter will soon secure his release from the Kings.

OPP Mailbag: The art and science of scouting


In NBA prospects, what do scouts value? Why are some players better suited for college ball than the NBA? Tyler Lashbrook breaks it down in this Mailbag.

OPP Mailbag: WoNK clarity


We've talked a lot about Orlando's WoNK pick lately. In this Mailbag, we clarify what exactly that term means.

OPP Mailbag: Is Jameer Nelson's knee a concern?


Orlando's starting point guard left Friday's game after one period and isn't with the team on its roadtrip.

OPP Mailbag: Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins?


In our latest Mailbag, we take on the daunting task of picking a favorite between the two highly touted freshmen.

OPP Mailbag: Could Magic have made Anthony deal?


On Wednesday, the Heat traded Joel Anthony and two future Draft picks to Boston. OPP examines whether Orlando might have made a similar trade.

OPP Mailbag: Redoing the 2013 NBA Draft


If the first five teams to pick in 2013 had a mulligan, would they choose differently? OPP examines this hypothetical in Wednesday's Mailbag.

OPP Mailbag: Let's talk Joel Embiid


Would the Magic pick the seven-foot Cameroonian if he were available in the Draft? How would he fit alongside Nik Vučević? Tyler Lashbrook addresses those questions in today's Mailbag.


OPP Mailbag: Outlining Draft assets


A look at the picks in the Magic's stockpile as they rebuild.

OPP Mailbag: Is Andrew Bynum a fit for Orlando?


The Bulls waived the former All-Star center Tuesday after acquiring him from Cleveland.

OPP Mailbag: Doron Lamb's role


The second-year guard can't seem to find many minutes in Jacque Vaughn's rotation, and few fans regard him as part of Orlando's future. What gives?

OPP Mailbag: Let's talk tanking


In this edition of the OPP Mailbag, we address the Magic's view on wins this season.

OPP Mailbag: Using Andrew Nicholson


In this Mailbag feature, Orlando Pinstriped Post addresses how to make the Magic's second-year big man more efficient.

OPP Mailbag: Maurice Harkless' disappearance


The St. John's product isn't playing as many minutes as he did as a rookie. What gives?

OPP Mailbag: Vaughn, collegians to watch, and more


We're all over the place on the latest Mailbag.

OPP Mailbag: Is Seth Curry an option for Orlando?


Is Seth Curry a realistic option for the Magic? And why did he go undrafted? That's what we tackle in this edition of the Mailbag.

OPP Mailbag: The Magic's future at point guard


The Magic still haven't found a young replacement for Jameer Nelson at point guard. When will they, and how? That's the foremost question in this edition of the OPP Mailbag.

OPP Mailbag: Maurice Harkless and NBA's Tank City


Where would Maurice Harkless have landed in the 2013 NBA Draft? Who's going to challenge Orlando for the worst record in the NBA? These are questions we look at today.

OPP Mailbag: When will Orlando compete again?


OPP answers three more pressing questions in the newest installment of the Mailbag.

OPP Mailbag: Where is Romero Osby?


When will the Magic sign their second-round Draft choice? We delve into that topic and two others in this Monday edition of the Orlando Pinstriped Post Mailbag.

OPP Mailbag: The starting five


The latest Mailbag tries to make sense of Orlando's roster.

OPP Mailbag: 2014 NBA Draft, Marshall, and more


We've got a wide range of topics to discuss in today's Mailbag, so let's get started.

OPP Mailbag: Why Magic couldn't help Ws clear cap


The Jazz agreed Friday to accept roughly $24 million in salary, along with two future first-round Draft picks, from Golden State so it could create the cap space necessary to ink Andre Iguodala....

OPP Mailbag: Paydays, Nelson's future, more


What sort of contracts will the Magic's young players get when their rookie deals expire? We tackle that question and more in the latest OPP mailbag.

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