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The ever-agitating, never-backing-down Matt Barnes may hold the key to a Clippers title -Grantland

Comparison of Wiggins and Exum by RealGM

Seems like a smart take on international talent. I've been reading more and more about how Exum prefers to go to the Lakers, but I'm also aware that he has a friendship with Oladipo. I sincerely hope that he wouldn't try to force whatever team that drafts him to send him to the Lakers, ala Rubio in Minnesota. That would be an ugly way to start a career. I'm really interested in this kid, and hope he ends up on the Magic.

History of One & Done Players

Nice article that looks at which players should consider leaving after freshman year based on past experience. Basically any freshman picked after #19 has little chance of NBA success (like Daniel Orton).

There are no tiebreakers in the draft lottery

I had not realized this, until now, but there are no tiebreakers in the lottery, the way there are for playoff position. According to this post on wikipedia, "In the event that teams finish with the same record, each tied team receives the average of the total number of combinations for the positions that they occupy." So, if we tie with Utah for third-from-the-bottom in the standings, we'll get an average of the number of ping pong balls that third and fourth places would get. That's a substantial drop from what third place would get in its lonesome, so I guess I'll keep on rooting for us to lose.

GIF: Kyle O’Quinn throws pass way, way out of bounds

"Farewell, Kyle O'Quinn pass. I hope you found happiness on the other side."

A New Advanced Statistic

An interesting new take on Adjusted Plus-Minus that the folks at ESPN have created: "Real plus-minus (RPM) was developed by Jeremias Engelmann, formerly of the Phoenix Suns, in consultation with Steve Ilardi, University of Kansas psychology professor and former NBA consultant. It follows the development of adjusted plus-minus (APM) by several analysts and regularized adjusted plus-minus (RAPM) by Joe Sill. RPM reflects enhancements to RAPM by Engelmann, among them the use of Bayesian priors, aging curves, score of the game and extensive out-of-sample testing to improve RPM's predictive accuracy." Unsurprisingly the Magic grade out extremely poorly overall in this new metric. Surprisingly, the order that our players score is as follows: 126. Nelson : 0.71 131. Vucevic: 0.59 132. KOQ: 0.57 194. Maxiel: -0.78 197. Glen Davis: -0.85 238. Dedmon: -1.48 245. Oladipo: -1.58 268. Harris: -1.8 330. Nicholson: -2.68 334. Price: -2.75 371(!?). Affalo: -3.48 379. Lamb: -3.74 393. Moore: -4.12 401. Harkless: -4.48

Magic for sale?

In this article, from Comcast SportsNet New England about former NBA player Leon Powe wanting to own an NBA team, there is an anonymously sourced quote that the Magic may soon be for sale. My inclination is to think it is nonsense. Evan, do you have any contacts at the Magic front office whom you can ask about this?

Adreian Payne's ridiculous dunk contest slam.

I misspelled his name in my tweet. Don't judge me.

Big Baby Still a Big Baby

Doc Rivers has security escort Glen Davis from the bench to the Clippers locker room.


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