#NBAMusicians and the Magic


For whatever it's worth, here are some band names smashed together with Magic players'.

With which team do you want Jameer Nelson to sign?

The Magic legend became a free agent Monday.

OPP community mock Draft results

The community signed up for teams and sent in their big boards. Here's how the 2014 NBA Draft played out, OPP style.

Watch: Stuff dances on The Tonight Show

The beloved dragon took on Hashtag in a battle of mascots Wednesday.

Stuff to appear on The Tonight Show

Orlando's mascot will face Hashtag the Panda in a dance-off when Jimmy Fallon and company visit The City Beautiful.

Magic's official Draft hat now available

The cap Orlando's picks will wear on Draft night is now on sale.

The Magic's website of old


An enterprising internet user posted screengrabs of what every NBA team's website looked like in 1996.

Win big with Magic's Draft promotion

Prognosticators who correctly predict the NBA Draft can win $100,000 courtesy of the Magic.

Playing with ESPN's Draft Lottery Machine

To unwind at the end of a long semester, Tyler Lashbrook toyed around with the Lottery simulator.

Where does Oladipo stand in Magic rookie history?


One of the key pieces in Orlando's rebuilding effort stood out in his first pro season.


What would have made the Magic's season more fun?


If Magic fans could change anything about how the team's second rebuilding season went, what would it be? Orlando Pinstriped Post invites its readers to answer that question

Infrequent Flyers 2: A Magic alley-oop compilation

The Magic hardly attempted any lob dunks in the 2013/14 season. We've compiled video of each here.

GIF: Kyle O’Quinn throws pass way, way out of bounds


"Farewell, Kyle O'Quinn pass. I hope you found happiness on the other side."

Magic players react to haters in Mean Tweets


In a new video, three members of Orlando's young core fire back to tweeters who sent unkind messages about them.

The Magic's milestone wins


Orlando earned its 1000th regular-season victory Friday. Here's a quick look at other major wins from its 25-year history.

The Magic's first tweets


We used a new Twitter tool to comb the site's archives for the first tweets the Magic's current players ever sent.

Oladipo falls to George in MVP bracket


Mike Prada put a college hoops spin on the NBA's MVP race Tuesday.

Air your Magic grievances


The Magic have lost five straight games, some of them in frustrating fashion. Orlando Pinstriped Post invites its readers to get some things off their chests.

What's the Magic's worst loss of the year?


In light of Orlando's defeat against Milwaukee on Monday, Orlando Pinstriped Post invites its readers to continue that question.

The Magic's depth chart, Google autocompleted


The popular web search tool takes on Orlando's roster.

Quiz yourself on Magic's all-time leaders


Can you name Orlando's top 10 players in five key statistical categories?

The Magic's remarkable three-point streak


Orlando has made at least one three in each of its last 554 games, the league's fifth-longest active streak. Orlando Pinstriped Post breaks it down.

John Travolta introduces the Magic


How might the noted actor pronounce current Magic players' names? We found out, with Slate's help.

Whose rebuilding approach do you favor?


Orlando and Philadelphia square off Sunday for the final time in the 2013/14 season. Which of these teams' rebuilding approaches do you think will yield better results?

In buyout season, ex-Magic players find new teams

Three former Orlando players latched on with playoff-contending squads after the trade deadline.

Which of Oladipo's dunk blocks stands out most?


The Magic guard has erased three dunks in his rookie season. Which is most impressive?

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