Summer League Fanpost Series: Scouting Augustine Rubit

The Orlando Magic just recently announced their summer league roster. This has given me a chance to start searching for the next diamond in the ruff. I'm so excited by all these young guys and all their potential, I decided to create a series of FanPost dedicated to familiarizing all the members on the Pinstriped Post by giving a scouting report on my favorite prospects. Series one focused on Kendrick Perry. I hope everyone enjoyed it. This post will focus on a player I'm very excited about. Everyone remember the name Augustine Rubit, because he has a chance to be a professional in the NBA!

Stats Per 40 Minutes

Advanced Stats

Augustine Rubit South Alabama (via breanna hall)

Augustine Rubit Is a 24 year old SF/PF out of the university of South Alabama. All we know about his measurements are that his height is around 6'7" and that he weighs between 220-230 lbs. From what I've seen on film he appears to have a long wingspan and a strong muscular mature frame. Studying his film leads me to believe that he is average to slightly above average in leaping ability as well as explosiveness. He has had quite the career at South Alabama. He has a nice list of accomplishments on his resume. Here is a list of some of his achievements. 2013-14 Sun Belt player of the year, Lou Henson All American Team, Candidate for NCAA All American Team, he is in the top five school history in seven statistical categories.

Scouting Report

The Good,

He is a beast in the post. He has nice footwork there and can finish with either hand. He uses ball fakes as well as a nice right and left handed hook shot to gobble up buckets down low. He shows nice touch and possesses a pretty looking floater. Looks to be a very good shooter! Technique and form look great. He appears to excel off the dibble as well as in spot up situations. Inside and outside the arc he has a nice arsenal of moves in his repertoire! Some of these are step backs, pull ups, pump fakes and a gorgeous jab step! He looks decent at handling the ball. He can definitely take slower players off the dribble and get to the rim. Looks good on straight line drives. His strength is one off his most positive attributes. He use his strength with a combination of amazing heart and hustle to win down low. This is obvious by his insane career rebounding numbers. Looks to be a very versatile and hard working player.

The Bad,

What position will he play? For the most part in his career he has played like a big. In his senior season he just started to extend out to the perimeter. During this last season he made 21 of 64 threes for 33%. I think in order for him to carve out an NBA career I think it will have to be as a SF. This could be a problem because on film he doesn't appear to be very fast. Will his lateral foot speed allow him to keep NBA wings from blowing by him? He doesn't appear to share the ball that much. Only averaging one assist per game makes me think he has that black whole thing in common with Glen Davis. Level of competition, how will handle facing players that are faster and stronger than he is used to? Defense? I admit, I've seen limited video on this player and most of that is him on the offensive end. I know he is a great rebounder and shot blocker, but he gets less than one steal per game and that is facing players in the Sun Belt Conference. His on ball defense is a mystery to me, so for now I'm siting it as a weakness.

Hope everyone liked the post and routes for him next week!

This FanPost was made by a member of the Orlando Pinstriped Post community, and is to be treated as the opinions and views of its author, not that of the blogger or blog community as a whole.

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