Summer League FanPost Series: Kendrick Perry Scouting Report, Why He Will Receive A Contract From The Magic

First off, Evan I apologize, I'm not trying to hog the Fanpost section by any means. I am so excited by all that is going on with the Magic Organization this offseason. There is so much low hanging fruit to cover, I would like free reign to type away till my fingers bleed! Hope your cool with me bringing some under the radar info to the members.

That leads to to the topic at hand. Guys I am so excited about Kendrick Perry I can hardly contain my enthusiasm! Not to far back, it was reported that the Ocoee product from Edgewater High had worked out for the Magic. At the time I was so rapped up in the upcoming draft I didn't expend very much in the way of time or resources scouting him. Now that I have, let me just say I'm blown away! With an invite onto the Magic's summer league roster placed in his pocket, I am convinced that Rob Hennigan will offer the undrafted free agent out of Youngstown State a contract. Without further adieu let me break this kid down for you all.

He measurements are as follows, Via Portsmouth Invitational, 6'0" without shoes 6'6" wingspan with a 31.0 inch no step vertical.


Advanced statistics


#3 Kendrick Perry Highlight (2013-2014) (via Kevin Bruinsma)

When breaking down his film I was blown away. Yes, I concede that he isn't facing elite level competition, but I am still giving him a lot of credit for his skill set.

The good, he is a superb athlete to say the least. I would have to guess that his max vertical is in the high thirties or even around the forty inch mark. This is flagrantly apparent when watching him on film. On the offensive side of the ball, he displays explosive leaping ability with body control that allows him to make corrections mid jump. He has made many highlight reel dunks where he reaches out to grab a lob that is seemingly out of reach, he extends his reach grabs the ball and hammers it down. His 6'6" wingspan also has a part to play in this ability. As you can see by his stats in addition to being a stud athlete he is a competent shooter as well. His free throw percentage is near the 80% mark and he has range from three where he has consistently shot around 35%. He also displays a nice looking floater He has solid point guard skills and has lowered his turnover percentages each season, bottoming out at 9.9% in his senior season. He has a career assist to turnover ratio of 2:1.Looks good at pick and roll offense. He is lightning quick and a very good ball handler. His speed also allows him to thrive in transition. I love his basketball IQ. Looks super smart out there. On offense he consistently makes the extra pass, finds the open man. Makes some gorgeous looking passes. No looks, bounce passes, low trajectory skip passes etc.. On defense he uses his speed to ball hawk passing lanes. He utilizes his long wingspan to harass ball handlers and pick their pockets. Super smart, shows great anticipation, puts himself in the right spot. He really, really is an underrated prospect !

The bad, Faced a lower level of competition. Standing at only six feet tall he is a bit undersized. I saw him finish with his left a few times, but you can clearly see it's a weakness as he prefers to favor his right.. Needs to prove he can be more of a distributor and not just a scorer. In his defense as the best player on his team he was kinda forced to assume that role, so the jury is still out. Needs to add as much bulk as possible in order for him to absorb punishment at the rim. He's going to find a different type of opponent on the professional level.

I hope everyone watches his video and comes away as impressed as I did! I think he is going to give Payton a run for his money!

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