2014 NBA Draft Fun Facts and Draft Poll

Hey guys,

Just a few tidbits that I came across after trying to make sense of this whole strange day. Once again, I remind you that I am just a little more than a casual fan, so this will be "USA Today" type stuff. Feel free to add to this, and enjoy!

***After tonight, Orlando now has 7 players on its roster that were drafted in to top-20 of the previous 3 drafts. After the Fournier/Afflalo trade becomes official, they will have 8.

***Rob Hennigan has now made 5 draft picks in his tenure. Nicholson at #19, Oladipo at #2, Aaron Gordon at #4, Elfrid Payton (via trade at #10), and Devyn Marble (via Denver).

***Evan Fournier was picked 20th overall, just after Andrew Nicholson, in the 2012 Draft

***The Cavs selected a Canadian with the first overall pick for the second straight year. They now have 3 Canadians, all drafted in the top 4.

***Isaiah Austin was ceremonially drafted by the NBA, with pick 15.5. His hoop dreams were cut short after his recent diagnosis of Marfan's Syndrome

***For the second straight year, Cleveland owned Orlando's 2nd rounder due to the Justin Harper trade(Thanks Otis). Last season the Cavs selected Allen Crabbe at #31 and this year they nabbed Joe Harris at #33

***For the first time in history, 4 Freshman were taken in the first 4 picks. 5 for 5 if you count Dante Exum.

***This is only the 5th time the Lakers have picked in the top-10 since 1979. Those picks were: Magic Johnson #1, James Worthy #1, Eddie Jones #10, Andrew Bynum #10 and now Julius Randle #7, Not a bad starting five, eh?

***With the Spurs selecting Kyle Anderson 30th, UCLA became the school best represented in the first round with 3 picks (Lavine, Jordan Adams, Anderson). There were several other schools with 2 draftees, including: the champs Kentucky, Duke, Michigan State, Michigan, and, of course, Kansas.

***At last count, the Sixers made 7 picks in this draft. 5 of them were in the 2nd round. The two first rounders might not even play this season (Saric overseas and Embiid hurt)

***The city of New York, where the draft was held, had all of 0 picks to look forward to in this draft a week ago. The Zen Master changed that by getting 2 second-rounders, Cleanthony Early and Greek Freak Jr. (Thanasis Antetokoumpo) If I remember correctly, Cleanthony Early stood out with his shooting in the draft combine, coming in first place in one of the 2 shooting drills.

**Here is a distribution of the 60 draft picks by position (Positions according to PG--9, SG--18, SF--16, PF--12, C--5! Note: I made Exum a SG considering he went to Utah who has Trey Burke, even though ESPN lists Exum as a PG

***Of the 21 Green Room invitees, the last picked was Shabazz Napier at 24. Rodney Hood also had to wait around, a one-time top-10 prospect going 23rd overall. Of the non-invitees, Bruno Caboclo was picked highest, 20th by Toronto.

***Of the first five picks, one of each position was selected. How about this starting five?


SG-Wiggins (listed as such on

SF-Jabari Parker

PF-Aaron Gordon

C-Joel Embiid

That is it for now, stay tuned for a possible part 2, or add your own. I did my best with the research, but as I was just doing this for kicks as a way to drown my sorrows (trying to stay sober entering my 30's) over this somewhat disappointing draft for the Magic, there are bound to be some mistakes. Any corrections/additions are appreciated!

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