Why you HAVE to take Embiid, if he's there.

I tend to get mad when people say crazy things that just don't make sense in my mind, to the point where I been banned from this site for 2 weeks. I love the Orlando Magic. I understand basketball & how to build a team. I can see clearly how things fit with each other & sometimes I reach but when I write a fan post, I've done my research on my opinion.

Look, Vucevic is not a franchise center. I don't even see him as a center that carries you through the playoffs. He is the eastern conference Tiego Splitter to me. Not a bad player, but not a player you can weigh on. I don't like his character skill & mental make up with this team. However, I will say he has commented several times on being a better rim protector this season & if he comes through w that, I will respect his mental makeup even more.

Point being, Embiid is a FREAK. The only thing comparable to Yao Ming is their foot injury & that even can be different. Greg Oden offensively was never this good. I did some reading on this type of injury. A lot of doctors write about how necessary it is to rest & rehab the foot to allow it to heal back together. Yao Ming didn't have surgery his 1st stress fracture & on top of that he came back in 4 months. Way too early!!!!!! Next time he had surgery, came back in 6 months. I really believe if he sat out, he might have had a chance. The common denominator in everything I've read is that the key to rehabbing this is REST. Not returning to physical activites and stress on the foot. Sit Embiid for a year. Blake Griffin him. Why rush? Obviously we want to build the right way (slow) or else we would be making all these crazy trades & moves. We aren't.

Land a deal for the 5th , 8th, 9th pick and keep the 12th also. Package Afflalo and a young player like Nicholson. Something that keeps our core together (Vucevic /Oladipo/Harris) (If harkless has to go then so be it, even o'quinn even though I love his game) that will entice a trade. Grab a player you like at the upgraded pick + our 12th. Vonleh at 5, get a 2nd tier player like Gordon/Mcdermott/Stauskas at 8/9 and then grab a PG like Payton at 12, who does resemble exum a lot minus his height and length.

Either way forget players I named, insert your own as you like, just understand the concept I'm presenting here.

This now does the following:

  • Builds our young core, be it as a starter or a solid role player
  • Addresses needs like rim protection, outside shooting & point guard
  • You now have POTENTIALLY a franchise changing player
If this works, you sit Embiid the whole year. Sure we get better, maybe even flirt with the playoffs. We've gotten rid of Afflalo, opening up more minutes for Oladipo and continued to develop our core. We should land a mid lottery pick in the 2015 draft, maybe a little lower. We have Lakers 2nd round pick too, if not 31-40. We have the $ to grab a big FA. The following year Embiid returns with a new FA, developed core & a new draft pick. If it works out, we get rid of Vucevic for another piece. If Vucevic can play alongside Embiid then great. I personally think it's a waste.
If history repeats itself with Embiid, we cut our loses. We really wouldn't be THAT set back than if we were to draft Exum. He could be the next Shaun Livingston (yea i know you remember the wild hype before his injury, but look at him now .... not a compliment). If we do this, I think we should aim for getting that 5th pick so we can draft Vonleh right after or even Exum, IDC at this point. It's more of an insurance pick to make sure we get something.

Here's some links regarding where I got my info about the navicular injury:

If you take the time to read these, you will realize that usually they don't put a bone graft in the foot unless it breaks AGAIN. Joell Embiid had surgery & had a bone graft put in on the 1st take. They are being really cautious about this whole procedure. I'm very confident in how I feel about this. I think it's unfortunate that Yao rushed back to play with this injury. Idk if it was his choice or the team's. I remember McGrady was frustrated not being able to make the push in the playoffs in that stage of his career. That pressure could have had something to do with him returning so quickly.

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