4 Team Trade Scenario

Trade speculation is abound this time of year and we've all read, speculated, or dreamed of various scenarios. The below scenario is one that I feel benefits every team involved. However, I do believe that other pieces could be involved and/or adjustments could be made regrading draft picks (either present or future). This scenario, while admittedly it may seem complicated or far fetched, is rooted in reason and team interests.

Basic Structure:

Charlotte Receives - Arron Afflalo, 1 of the following Jason Thompson/ Carl Landry/ Derrick Williams

Chicago Receives - 9th Overall Selection via Charlotte & 8th Overall Selection via Sacramento

Orlando Receives - Taj Gibson

Sacramento Receives - Jimmy Butler, Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Potential Additional Pieces:

Charlotte Receives - Tony Snell

Chicago Receives - Young asset(s) from Orlando

Orlando Receives - 16th or 19th Overall Selection via Chicago

Why Charlotte does the deal - Charlotte has already expressed interest in Arron Afflalo and they know that they don't have the current assets to get a deal done. Furthermore, they are a playoff bubble team in need of scoring and the 9th Overall Selection won't yield a player of Afflalo's caliber or at least one that will have an immediate impact comparable to AA . They have the cap space to absorb one of Sacramento's PFs and are in need of PFs with the exit and unlikely return of McRoberts.

Why Chicago does the deal - This deal is really predicated on Chicago landing Melo. I think they are the front-runners at this stage and if they feel a deal will be made they will need to clear cap room. They will have to amnesty Boozer and move Taj Gibson, Dunleavy Jr., and probably others. Jimmy Butler would more than likely have to be involved in a trade to dump the necessary contracts. It's not likely they will want 4 1st Rd selections so I think their 16th and 19th selections could be involved for young assets or to get the deal completed. As well, they could always draft and stash a player like Saric with the 8th or 9th overall selections.

Why Orlando does the deal - Taj Gibson would be under contract till the 2016 - 2017 season for a very reasonable 8.5 million per year. Orlando needs a defensive minded PF and he offers just that. Orlando maintains the 12th overall selection and could potentially gain the 16th or 19th for the cost of Nicholson or another young player. Having the 4th 12th and 16th plus young assets could also allow the Magic to potentially move up to the Bucks 2nd overall selection if both teams wanted to make that deal.

Why Sacramento does the deal - They need to clear cap and better their team now so as to present the best pitch to Rudy Gay. Moving 1 of their PFs (for them preferably Landry or Thompson due to their contract lengths) is key. He is likely to opt-in for the final year of his contract according to reports. Sacramento is shopping the 8th pick and being able to add a much needed defensive SG is well worth giving up the pick. I could see them including McLemore if need be.

Will this trade happen? Probably not and more than likely no. However, I don't think it is unreasonable. Everyone has their idea of which players the Magic should draft (everyone loves to play GM this time of the year), but I would welcome a starting lineup of Exum, Oladipo, Harkless, Taj, and Vucevic & bench with Jameer, Stauskas (possible 12th selection), Harris, Payne (possible 16h or 19th selection), and KOQ. Insert whatever players you like as the picks.

I'd love to hear comments, trade adjustments, your reasonable trades, how this wouldn't work, etc.

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