Make Your Case For Your Favorite Magic Draft Prospects

My Idea for this fanpost is simple, we have a fairly tight knit community of posters here on the Pinstriped Post. We have many members that are well known as well as some new members that have been recently added to the ranks. With so many draft related threads of late, everyone seems to have a favorite prospect that they are trying to communicate support for. An example of this is poster 3.3 seconds has made it known the he supports the Magic to select Jabari Parker out of Duke. His passion for supporting Parker in recent threads has inspired me to create this post!

What I ask is this, anyone who wishes to participate should post a comment stating who they like for the Magic's top pick as well as the Wonk pick. Select one player for each draft pick. Your comment can be as simple as typing two names, or you can elaborate on different aspects or attributes of the prospects you support. The one thing I DO ASK IS THAT THERE ARE NO REPLIES. I don't want any bickering or bashing, just each posters favorite prospects put on record. I look forward to everyone having a designated venue to be vocal for their favorite prospects.

The model below was created by legendary poster vjl110 from Canis Hoopus.


EWP: "Expected Wins Peak". Gives predicted wins in prospect's best season using Age, MP, SOS, Height, Weight, and basic box-score statistics as fixed effects, and controlling for by-coach random intercepts and slopes. Parameters fit from all players to play in both the NCAA and NBA in past 30 years

HUM: EWP model with additional information added by "scouting consensus", which is captured by the average mock draft position between Chad Ford and DraftExpress.

Please note: My favorite wonk prospect Elfrid Payton's position in this model! Also model is void of any international prospects due to lack of stats.

Let's get on to it. Here are vjl's top 30 college eligible players sorted by expected peak wins. (Link to vjl's spreadsheets with all his data)

Name School Pos EWP HUM
Joel Embiid KANSAS 5 14.4 15.7
Kyle Anderson UCLA 3 13.8 9.3
Jordan Adams UCLA 2 12.2 8.3
Jabari Parker DUKE 3.5 11.5 12.6
Elfrid Payton ULALA 1 11 8.2
Marcus Smart OKSTATE 1 10.7 11.3
Tyler Ennis SYRACUSE 1 10.1 9.9
Noah Vonleh INDIANA 4.5 9.8 10.9
Aaron Gordon ARIZONA 4 9.7 9.9
Andrew Wiggins KANSAS 3 7.8 12.4
Mitch McGary MICHIGAN 5 7.7 7.2
Julius Randle KENTUCKY 4 7.6 10
Gary Harris MICHIGANST 2 7.5 8
T.J. Warren NCSTATE 3.5 7.2 5.9
Javon McCrea BUFFALOST 4 7.2 4.5
Jarnell Stokes TENNESSEE 4 6.9 5.3
Khem Birch UNLV 4.5 6.6 4.5
Kendrick Perry YOUNGSTOWN 1 6.3 5.4
Spencer Dinwiddie COLORADO 2 6.2 5.3
K.J. McDaniels CLEMSON 3 6.1 5.7
Sim Bhullar NMSTATE 5 5.8 3.8
Troy Huff NDAKOTA 2 5.4 4.4
Shabazz Napier UCONN 1 5.1 5.2
Shawn Long ULALA 5 5 2
Isaiah Austin BAYLOR 5 4.9 2.3
Zach LaVine UCLA 2 4.6 5

This FanPost was made by a member of the Orlando Pinstriped Post community, and is to be treated as the opinions and views of its author, not that of the blogger or blog community as a whole.

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