The Number 1 Pick and a trip to the Trade Machine

No groaning… it had to come. After the draft yesterday I spent the night tossing and turning trying to come up with the silver bullet for the most important question.

How can the Orlando Magic obtain the Number 1 pick?

The only way I see the Cavs trading the Number 1 pick in this draft is if they got a very attractive asset that could put them deep into the playoffs and entice Lebron back in a hurry. Only three (maybe four) players fit this criteria for me:

· Kevin Love

· Carmelo Anthony

· LaMarcus Aldridge

· Dirk Nowitzki?

LA I don’t think is leaving Portland anytime soon and I don’t see Cuban letting Dirk play for any other team. So that leaves Kevin Love and ‘Melo’ (in that order of likelihood):

· We all know the rumors about Kevin Love wanting out. It doesn't seem beyond the bounds of possibility that he would be willing to sign a long term deal Cleveland if thinks he can win there (bonus that Uncle Drew and Wes can get the old team back together)

· As for Melo, Phil Jackson needs an overhaul of his roster to put his stamp on things and trading Melo for assets and to dump salary is the fastest (probably only) way to do this. Problem though… I don’t see Melo’s game meshing with Kyrie’s. I also don’t see LaLa letting Melo sign in Cleveland long term either

None of this helps us anyway because Love and Melo aren’t on our team.

Therefore to get back to my original question… IMHO, for the Orlando Magic to have any chance at acquiring the number 1 pick, we would have to weasel our way in to a three team trade with the Wolves or to a lesser extent with the Knicks.

… So I’ve had a crack at these two trade options to get the number 1 pick:


Tough because everyone always over-values their own teams players and under-values the other teams players. I hope that I’ve appeared at least semi impartial. I am expecting that it will take a bit to pry Love away from Minnesota.

Magic send: Harris, Afflalo, Nicholson, 12th Pick

Cavs send: Gee, Thompson, Waiters, Varejao, 1st Pick,

Wolves send: Love, Barea

Magic Receive: Gee, Barea, 1st

Cavs receive: Love, Afflalo, Nicholson

Wolves receive: Thompson, Waiters, Harris, Varejao, 12th Pick

Magic say yes – because we get the 1st to go with our 4th (Parker or Wiggins and Exum) and also keep Vucevic, Oladipo, O’Quinn, Nelson and Harkless

Cavs say yes – because they get Love. Also get Afflalo who would play alongside Kyrie better than Waiters and Nicholson as an asset. This line-up should convince Deng to stay or Lebron to go back. They also get to dump Gee’s salary.

Wolves say yes – because they get plenty of young assets in return for Love. Waiters is a SG that needs more touches and shots and would fit a pass first PG like Rubio. Thompson and Harris would fill the front court with Pek and Dieng. They also have the 12th pick to go with their 13th pick (Stauskas, Saric, LeVine?) They get Varejao as an expiring and they would have a trade asset in Martin to flick for other assets. Finally they get rid of Barea.

So Magic:





Parker/O Quinn













Cavs need us in the three team trade because – I don’t think that they can get Love with Gee, Thompson, Waiters and Varejao alone. Wolves would only see this as Thompson and Waiters for Love. We give the Wolves an additional exciting young talent, a lottery pick, and take back some bad salary. We also allow the Cavs to improve their backcourt to suit Kyrie and give them another young trade asset in Nicholson.


This is just a minefield. It has a few more possible permutations because of the state that the Knicks are in. It is also harder to match because the Cavs are over the cap and Melo’s got a reasonably large salary. In all honesty I don’t really see it working and I have no effing clue about how the triangle offence should work and what players suit it, but it is an (remote) option, so ill play. My starting premise is that the Knicks will demand that Felton and JR Smith (at the least) are dumped as part of any Melo package.

Magic send: Afflalo, Harris, Maxiell, Nelson, 12th Pick

Cavs send: Deng (sign and trade), Varejao, 1st Pick, Orlando’s Second rounder

Knicks send: Melo, Felton, Smith

Magic Receive: Felton, Smith, 1st, Deng, Our second rounder back

Cavs receive: Melo

Knicks receive: Afflalo, Harris, Maxiell, Nelson, Varejao, 12th pick

Magic say yes – because we get the 1st to go with our 4th (Parker or Wiggins and Exum) and also keep Vucevic, Oladipo, Nicholson, O’Quinn, and Harkless. We lose our veteran leadership but we get Deng to take that role on and play SF for us. He is willing to sign long term looking at our newly formed line-up. Smith and Felton become dead wood at the end of our bench.

Cavs say yes – because they get Melo. Basically for the first pick and our old second rounder. (Deng could sign anywhere, we facilitate them getting Melo by helping match salaries)

Knicks say yes – because they get rid of Smith and Felton’s ugly 3 year contracts. Get a top SG in Afflalo and an exciting young asset in Harris. They get some flexibility in the form of Nelson and Maxiell (non guaranteed) and Varejao (expiring). They also have the 12th pick in this year’s draft (Stauskas, Saric, LeVine?) and they would have a trade asset in Shumpert or Hardaway (now duplicate with Afflalo) to flick for additional assets.

So Magic:





Parker/O Quinn













Cavs need us in the three team trade because – They cant match salaries to get Melo with just the 1st and Varejao (they will have to add too many assets and that would make it unpalatable). We can absorb bad salary and give the Knicks a combination of a decent player, exciting young talent, non guaranteed contracts and a lottery pick. The only thing is that I think the Cavs don’t do it because Lebron will be looking over at the roster and wondering where he gets his touches in between Kyrie, Melo and Waiters. Would be a comedy to watch though.

So summary:

· The only chance we can get the number 1 pick is if the Cavs get us involved to facilitate a tier 1 all star to their roster

· Kevin Love appears to be the only logical player that could work

· In combination with the Cav’s we can give the Wolves plenty of young talent, a lottery pick and some cap relief

· This looks more attractive than what Houston, LA, Chicago, and Boston could put together

· If the Wolves are looking to move Love, we give a pretty attractive return

· We know that we have a fellow advocate in Pepsi for this scenario.

Keen to get everyone elses thoughts on whether they think similar or not? Who says no in my Magic/Cavs/Wolves trade?

In the meantime im going to toss and turn all night thinking about the second most important question

How can the Orlando Magic obtain the Number 2 pick?

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