Orlando Magic Salary Cap & More

I'm going to just look at salary cap information and possibilities. I don't want to go into much detail, just enough for you to do that. I will express my opinion though.

NBA Cap for 2013/14 was set at $58.629mil

Rob Henningen has finally cleared the dead weight from Otis Smith after this season. Before team options this offseason, the Magic will have $35.598mil committed for the 2014/15 season. Assuming we pick up the option on Nelson & O'quinn, while declining on Maxiell and Lamb, that bumps it up to $44.779mil (still $13.85mil left).


Assuming we don't need the logjam at PF and I think we've got our good look on Doron Lamb, we terminate.


Orlando Magic Salary Information
Now, go ahead and add our draft pick salaries to that. We are guaranteed to get a top 5 pick.

  • Oladipo picked at #2 is being paid $4.763mil
  • Anthony Bennett picked at #1 started off around $5.3mil.
  • Alex Len picked #5 is paid $3.492mil
  • The average between the 3 numbers is $4.518mil.

If you add that to our current committed salary, you now have $49.297mil

Don't forget about the WonK pick salary!

After doing the same exact averaging between the 11th pick(MCW) , 12th pick (Steven Adams) , and 13th pick (Kelly Onlyk) the average salary was $2.092mil.

Catching you up:

After (1) picking up options on Nelson & O'Quinn (2) declining Maxiell and Lamb's team options (3) drafting top 5 pick + 11/12/13th pick:

- We are left with $51.389mil in salary committed (( $7.24mil left ))

Here, it's time to put on your GM hat. This is where it splits into so many possibilities.

(1) You can trade contracts that aren't expiring for one that is, in order to to open up more space.

- The problem is that most teams try to trade away bad contracts at all star break

- It could work because we have afflalo at a bargain and guaranteed to play 1, possibly 2 seasons where he gets traded. In hopes to persuade afflalo to stay would be the incentive.

Think Utah trading Hayward for Afflalo. (This does work in the trade machine) This gives Utah a chance to court Afflalo for a season or two while dumping Hayward if he doesn't plan to sign and extension OR if Utah gets in a position to draft Wiggins or Parker.

Hayward is commanding a Loul Deng contract around $14mil. Minimum at $12mil. We can afford to court him at $3mil for a year (Remember we gained $4.11mil by trading away Afflalo, thus placing us at $10.125mil in available cap room)

We possess the ability to sign him to an extension at the market value of his contract. We can either use the available cap space on someone most likely to make an impact off our bench OR just let it sit until the 2015 offseason. My opinion would be to use it now and build the chemistry ONLY if there's someone you fall in love with, if not WAIT. We still have to match offers for NIK and TOBIAS in the 2015 offseason. By making the Hayward move, it not only speeds up the rebuild but brings in the type of character player the magic want. It also makes Harkless a tid bit expendable. He has been playing better lately but I see him off the bench more.

(2) You spend the $7.24mil to bolster the bench

- This is the safest option in my opinion. You get someone who knows their role and that in turn settles other players into theirs. This team has players trying to make a case for minutes. Someone who knows what's expected in a set amount of amounts and can produce will be a big help for this team. ( No E'Twaun Moore is not the entire answer, his development to watch is - can he be consistent?)

- A con , I suppose to this idea is based on how you look at it. If you spend the money now, you save more to put toward matching qualifying offers for Nik and Tobias. AND THEY WILL COME.

(3) You trade Afflalo at some point next season for expiring contracts, draft picks or young talent. And let the expiring contracts expire opening leaving $7.75mil committed

- The problem with this, to me, is a couple things:

* The 2015 Class, based on what we do in the draft, isn't as great for us as it may be for other teams. Most players are restricted like Irving or Klay Thompson (don't see him leaving) or if Aldrige chooses to leave portland with Lillard there (again, I don't see it). I don't see Rondo wanting to come to Orlando. The SF's are mostly role players. (I really do take interest in Wilson Chandler at age 28). To me, FOR ORLANDO, it's a role player class.

* The 2nd problem is that any draft pick we get will be coming out of the 2015 class at the earliest. No team that is projected top 5, let alone a lottery pick is going to swap for Afflalo. If we end up taking a pick in a later draft class, it may not be that high AND I don't believe we would still be in accumulating young talent mode. While you always want to, the emphasis would be shifted. I think the 2017 draft class is where we land another gem to fit with the team of whose still around.

- THE PRO is that if we get a top 5 pick for a trade package is that there have been rumors of of embied staying in the draft, making it stronger that once though. Assuming they all declare after 1 year. There's too many variables that are out of the Magic's control for this PRO. It's an extremely high risk - high reward situation.

(4) You do nothing and see who we end up with

- I think this is actually basically what happens minus the nothing part. You have a priority list and you move level by level depending on what happens. You have to control some of the variables however. There's no way anyone is trusting you with millions of dollars to just to let fate run it's course.

I think, without delving into too much detail, that the best way to do this is this:

(1) Acquire Gordon Hayward if possible (I'm not sure if you have to pay hayward his extension salary starting that season or if it starts the 2015 season, that would put a wrench in that plan)

(2) If that falls through, spend the $7.24mil on a bench player. WE NEED IT. Depending on who we draft and our needs, there's players worth adding to our roster. Consider, we want someone that plans on being here for the next 2-4 years when we peak. Some examples I see:

The free agent class is pretty weak. Those are the best ones that fit the Magic, if you want to win. We need toughness, leadership and 3 point shooting.
(3) Make a small splash in FA in 2014 like previous years with Hennigan, but instead trade afflalo for the "star" bench player. ******* you need a focal point of the 2nd unit ******* (Crawford / Redick / Odom ... etc)
^^^^^^^ Depending on this next season, Tobias could be that bench star (I doubt it though, he's too good)



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