WoNK Breakdown, PLAYOFFS Next Year?

The Orlando magic currently has the rights to the worst of the Knicks Nuggets pick. It’s a pretty safe bet to predict that both teams will miss the post season in 2014.

Knicks 21-40 (21 games left)

Nuggets 25-34 (23 games left)

Its looking more like the nuggets pick will be handed over to our Orlando magic.

The Nuggets are currently at the 12th pick in this upcoming talent loaded draft, and last night got back Ty Lawson from a rib injury. The Nuggets missed Lawson dearly as they lost 13 of their last 16 games, putting this pick in the lottery for the magic. I expect the nuggets to pull things together, well at least win more than the current pace. (Wilson chandler also back healthy)

With that being said the pick stands at 12th today. At the end of the season I see it at a 12-15 range.

Now the magic of course hold their own pick in this years draft

Magic 19-43 (20 games left)

The 3rd worst record in the NBA holds a 15 percent chance at the first pick. Currently the magic are in that position. Don’t think Hennigan and magic management is not aware of this. Afflalo turned an ankle in the magic’s thrilling overtime victory over the Knicks of feb 21st. The team has made it clear that he is no longer troubled by an ankle but with an "illness". If the magic are in a playoff race I doubt he sits out with an illness. Same with jameer missed last game with a calf and reports state he will miss the game with the rockets because he’s sick. Don’t be surprised if these injuries continue to keep popping up while koq, moe ,vic and tobias continue to get minutes and develop.

With all this being said its all a matter of how the Ping-Pong balls bounce but safe to say the magic are picking ( 3-5)

With the Magic currently a .500 team at home this season, with most of their games at home I don’t see them picking 1st or 2nd but anything is possible.



Many would agree the magic biggest need is at the PG Position. Also depends if you see Tobias Harris as a PF long-term . Also Victor Oladipo as a long-term SG or PG. JV Made it clear that hes a guard so with one of these picks expect a guard to be taken off the board.

Possible PG that could be on the magic after the draft Tyler Ennis, Dante Exum and Marcus Smart. Question is which one fits with Victor Oladipo.

Potential targets with the 12-15 pick

Doug McDermott, Jerami grant, Dario Saric, Rodney Hood and Aaron Gordon are some of my favorites

The magic will have :

Nikola Vucevic, Victor Oladipo, Tobias Harris, Moe Harkless, Andrew Nicholson ALONG WITH VETS Arron Afflao and Jameer Nelson. ALONG WITH 2 LOTTERY PICKS. That’s a nice 9- man Rotation at the start of next season. Along with Ronnie price and Jason maxiell to teach professionalism so our young guys can grow. Look for the magic to sign another veteran in the offseason that fits the hard working culture we have in Orlando.

My Prediction is The magic rebuild ends after the draft and we make the PLAYOFFS in the weak east.

*not a writer by any means so chill with the negative comments*

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