The Big Draft Day Trade

This is purely a thought I had in mind, and there are no sources saying this will happen. Just thought I put that out there. Anyway, I think we all can't wait to see what Thursday, June 26th has in store for us. Because that is the day the 2014 NBA Draft occurs. Even though we have two first round draft picks, is it possible we may trade one of them? Absolutely. Reports say that since Arron Afflalo wasn't traded at this seasons trade deadline, his value will be evaluated again on "Draft Day". So, here's the trade I had in mind... And it's a big one.

Orlando Trades: Arron Afflalo, Andrew Nicholson, and '14 top-5 draft pick

Cleveland Trades: Kyrie Irving, and Anthony Bennett

NBA Trade Machine Approved

Why Orlando Does This?

Yes, why would Orlando trade their top 5 pick, in a highly anticipated draft class? Because, they would be getting a proven, rising superstar in Irving in return. Simple. Kyrie Irving is currently averaging 21.5 points, 6.3 assists, and 1.3 steals a game. He recently won 2014 All-Star MVP, and his popularity is through the roof--being recognized as the YouTube sensation as "Uncle Drew", and for his nifty handles and intense speed.

It just so happens, Orlando is in need of a point guard too. With Jameer Nelson aging, he'd gladly sit on the bench, for a arrival like Irving. Plus, we still keep our top-15 first round pick (the WoNK pick), and we get a raw, but still potential filled young forward in Bennett, to replace Nicholson on the bench. Here's the big question though, would we be able to keep Kyrie Irving, and persuade him to resign with us after 2015-2016 season? I'm sure we can. We have two whole seasons to impress him, and with a potential lineup like this

PG: Kyrie Irving/ Jameer Nelson/ Ronnie Price

SG: Victor Oladipo/ E'Twuan Moore/ Doron Lamb

SF: (WoNK Pick)/ Moe Harkless/(Free Agent)

PF: Tobias Harris/ Anthony Bennett/ Jason Maxiell

C: Nik Vucevic/ Kyle O'Quinn/(Free Agent)

He'll see how bright a future Orlando has, and will forget all about big markets, and focus on winning with whomever. In this case, with the Magic. Let's remember that he is a restricted free agent, so we do have control around that time.

Why Cleveland Does It?

Do they really want to test Irving's patience? He's been with Cleveland for more than 3 years now, and still no progress. Here's an alarming report to Cavs fans... "He’s acting like he doesn’t care," one Cavs player told the Akron Beacon Journal's Jason Lloyd of Irving. True or not, Cleveland would be idiotic to play the waiting game on Irving, and potentially let him leave in the 2015-2016 season's summer (cough cough, LeBron all over again). So, they should play it safe, and trade him, but only for the right price. And this is it.

First of all, they would be getting a top-5 pick, combining with their top-10 pick.They would own that night if they could get two lottery draft picks, in a draft class like this one. Also, they get Arron Afflalo. A reliable, all-star caliber scorer who brings veteran experience, and they also get Andrew Nicholson who's a solid power forward off the bench. They lose a rising superstar in Irving, but get two potential stars in whoever they draft this summer. It's all about the future for the Cavs.

So, any thoughts on this?

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