Where are they now? The whereabouts of former Magic players

I was thinking about some of the former Magic teams and thought about where all the players are now from the 09 Finals team to the present and how they are going. So I did some research and thought I would share it.


1) This is my first real Fanpost so please give me feedback on everything so I can improve, I can take criticism. All feedback will be appreciated.

2) The stats come from ShamSports, Basketball Reference and the ever reliable Wikipedia.

3) If a left out a player or you have something to add please do so in the comments.

4) Starting at the PG and going through to the C's

Rafer Alston, PG, 2009

Rafer Alston with the Magic for all of 5 months replaced the injured Jameer Nelson, helping the Magic advance to the Finals in 09.

He was traded along with Courtney Lee for Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson in the following offseason. He spent half a season with the Nets, before being released and picked up by the Heat. He started all 25 games he played there, after which he was suspended for missing a practice and a game. Highlight post-Magic: Alston recorded a triple double (17pts, 10asts, 10reb) against the Magic on 13 Nov 09, the Nets went on to lose the game.

In January 2011 he signed with a Chinese Basketball Association, he lasted a month before being dropped by the Zhejiang Guangsha. In 2012 he joined the LA D-League team a team he is no longer with. Though he has never ‘officially' retired there is little chance he plays professional basketball again.

Chris Duhan, PG, 2010-2012

Probably the most disliked player I have ever witnessed on OPP. Struggling to, well, do this It seemed he would not want to shoot the ball. In his two seasons in Orlando he averaged only 18mins a game, but attempted only 3 shots a game even though he shot a reasonable 37% from 3 (42% in his final season). He owned a 29TOV% but a 20Ast% while with the Magic.

He was involved in the Howard trade in August 2012 which sent him to the Lakers. Chris Duhon played 46 games with the Lakers before being waived. He has yet to be picked up by another team.

Despite this seemingly negative narrative about Chris Duhon always remember he gave us the travel dance just before his exit.

Courtney Lee, SG, 2008-2009

Drafted by the Magic in 2008, Courtney Lee ended his career in Orlando after one season. That season saw him start for a Finals team and gave us an almost game winning ally oop layup in Game 2 of the 09 Finals. (For a trip down memory lane, Over his rookie season with the magic he averaged 25mins a game, shooting the 3 at 40% on 2.6 attempts a game.

He was involved in a trade that netted us Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson. Since leaving the Magic Courtney Lee has become somewhat of a journeyman. He spent one season at the Nets before being traded to the Houston Rockets where he spent two seasons before being traded to Boston Celtics. This January he was traded again to the Grizzlies. He saw over 30mins of court time in New Jersey but that fell to just 16mins with Boston, despite shooting 44% from deep this season. Since his arrival in Memphis he has started 12 of the 14 games he has played, averaging 32 mins and shooting 53.1% from the floor (40% from deep) averaging 13.5 points.

Courtney Lee signed a four year, $21.35mil contract in 2012.

Vince Carter, SG, 2009-2010

The player traded for after the ‘09 finals run to put the Magic over the top... that worked out well....

Vince Carter has some Vintage Vince moments with the Magic but was not the player he was expected, or asked, to be. He was traded along with Gortat to the Suns in 2010. His numbers did not drop dramatically at all in the trade, the worst being a drop is true shooting from 56% to 51%. Although he was still producing at his normal levels the Suns waived the final year of his contract as only $4mil was guaranteed of the $18m. After the half season at the Suns, Carter signed a three year, $9.5m contract with Dallas. Considering his production still has not dipped greatly from his time at Orlando, where he made $17.3m in his final season, he has become an underpaid player in terms of production averaging 12pts, 3asts, 4reb and 38% 3 point shooting on 22% usg rating. Vince Carter will be a free agent this offseason and at 37 years of age it will be interesting to see what he does.

Jason Richardson, SG, 2010-2012

Vince Carters replacement as the starting two guard for the Magic after the December 2010 Suns trade. J Rich was again asked to be the dynamic scoring two guard the magic had been searching for since the '09 Finals. Again he did not live up to expectations as his numbers declined on his arrival to Orlando, in his season and a half with the Magic he shot 42% from the field. However he was resigned to a four year, 25million contract by the magic in December 2011. He was traded to the 76ers as part of the Howard trade.

Since in Philly he has been sidelined with injuries and has not really been a part of the teams youth movement, he has yet to play this season due to injury and only played 33 games last season, shooting his worst field goal percentage yet at 40%. He will mostly likely pick up the player option on his contract next season making $6.6million and will probably be traded as an expiring sometime next year.

JJ Redick, SG, 2006-2013

The Magic's first round pick the 2006 Draft beloved by all, except one, Magic fans was traded to the Bucks in a deadline deal in February last year. Although the trade was made for professional reasons it was obvious the Bucks were merely renting Redick for a playoff push, despite the fact that he only played 17min per game in the Bucks playoff series against the Heat.

Needless to say during the off season Redick signed to play with the contending Clippers on a four year contract. Starting for the Clippers Redick is averaging 16 points a game shooting the 3ball at 39% on 5 attempts a game. He has only played 30 games due to injuries.

DeAndre Liggins, SG, 2011-2012

Drafted in the 2nd round of 2011 draft Deandre Liggins played a season in Orlando before being cut. By a season it must be noted he played 17 games and averaged 7mins in those games.

He was signed by the Thunder where he had a more ‘success' than in Orldando. With the Thunder he assigned to the D -League team the Tulsa 66ers. He was called up multiple times by the Thunder playing in 39 games and starting in one. He averaged 9 minutes in 8 playoff games with the Thunder. He was waived in September 2013 and signed in November 2013 with the Sioux Falls Skyforce. He has made the 2014 D-league All Start team.

Quentin Richardson, Wing, 2010-2012

"The wing is the wing"

Q Rich played two seasons with the Magic on the wing averaging 17mins while shooting the 3 ball at 31%. He was waived before the start of the 2012-2013 season in favour of Dequan Jones.

He was signed by the Knicks in April 2013 and played one game with them that season. He shot 1-11 in that game for 5pts, but recorded 10 rebounds in 29 minutes. He stayed with the Knicks the rest of the season. He was traded to the Raptors in the 2013 offseason where he was subsequently waived.

Brandon Bass, PF, 2009-2011

Words were said, people were banned, and at the end of the day Bass probably lost the OPP debate over who should get the minutes as the backup PF. That being said his second season in Orlando was his best shooting season yet, averaging 11points on 51% shooting and 6 rebounds.

He was traded for Glen Davis of the Celtics in December 2011.

His time at the Celtics has been better even though not as productive. He is playing 29 mins a game and starting in over two thirds of his games played at Boston. He signed a three year $19.4million contract to stay with Boston in July 2012.

Ryan Anderson, PF, 2009-2012

Former Most Improved Player and a perfect stretch power forward in Stan van Gundy's 4 out 1 in offense. He shot the three ball at 39% in his time in Orlando. He was however one of the first players moved by Orlando's new General Manager Rob Hennigan in the 2012 offseason.

Since being a part of Hornets/Pelicans Ryan Anderson has come off the bench averaging 17points on 39% 3point shooting as well as increasing his rebounding totals two 6.5 a game. In January 2014, he suffered a herniated disk and is out indefinitely.

Rashard Lewis, PF, 2007-2010

Signed to a six year $118million contract in 2007... ... one of the players which lead the Magic to its second Finals appearance in 2009... ...traded for a worse contract in December 2010... becomes an NBA champion.

Lewis was a fan favourite in Orlando, and after the trade he went to a very poorly run Wizards team. He went from 40% three point shooting on 6 attempts a game to 30% on 3 attempts a game with the Wizards. He stayed at the Wizards for a season and half before being traded to the New Orleans Hornets, who bought out the final year of his contract. He signed with the Miami Heat in July 2012 on a two year, $2.8m contract where he has bought his 3 point shooting up to 37%, and he won a championship in 2013. Good on you Lewis.

Marcin Gortat, C, 2007-2010

The last, in my opinion, true backup Center the Magic have had in years. A draft day trade made by the Magic in 2005, acquired Gortat. He played three and a half seasons in pinstripes.

In 2009 the Magic matched a five year $34 million offer sheet from Dallas to retain Gortat.

In December 2010 he was traded to the Pheniox Suns. His minutes received an immdiete jump from 16 per game to 30per game, as well as his scoring and rebounding from 4 and 5 to 13 and 9 pts and rebounds respectively. He eventually won the starting spot on the Suns.

Marcin Gortat was traded to the Washington Wizards during the last week of the offseason. He is an upcoming free agent this offseason.

Daniel Orton, C, 2011-2012

The 2010 first round draft pick by the Magic just played 16 games with the team, due to injuries and being a project on a at the time contending team.

He was waived following 2012 season and was signed by the Thunder in that August. He was released in October but was resigned four days later after the James Harden trade which included center Cole Aldrich. He was sent to the Tulsa 66ers in the D-Luege. After 13 games with the Thunder he was waived in October 2013. This season he had played 22 games for the 76ers before being released. He is currently playing for the Maine Red Claws.

Post Magic Highlight: The only double-double of his career was with the 76ers. He recorded 10pts, 10rebs, 2 blocks against the Pacers.

Dwight Howard, C, 2004-2012

If you have not heard Dwight was traded to the Lakers, where he played poorly for Dwight Howard but still great compared with most big men. He then signed with the Rockets. He also likes loyalty.

Honourable mentions

Jason Williams - Retired and loving white chocolate

Gilbert Arenas - whereabouts unknown, still gets a cheque in the mail from the Magic though through to 2016.

Hedo Turkoglu - Signed by the Clippers while getting a cheque from the Magi.

Al Harrington - Receiving a cheque from the Magic while playing for the Wizards.

Dequan Jones - Jumping really high for the Reno Bighorns

Von Wafer - Played in China now in the D-League

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