Arron Afflalo to the Toronto Raptors.

The trade goes as this
Orlando Magic receive Terrence Ross, John Salmons, and Toronto's 2014 1rst round pick and 2015 2nd round pick.
Toronto Raptors receive Arron Afflalo and Glen Davis.

Why Orlando does it. As we all know we're not competing this season we are going for a draft pick. Having Afflalo on the roster makes this harder. And for Glen I'm honestly not sure if his presence makes that harder or easier for us. We trade Afflalo to clear a starting role for Oladipo and open up some minutes for Harkless and Lamb. We also trade Glen to get rid of him to clear the starting role for Andrew Nicholson and essentially give Kyle O'quin starters minutes off the bench. When trading an All-Star level player (Arron) you don't try to get a player of equal talent that beats the purpose of trading him. You want draft picks (we'd be getting Toronto's 2014 first rounderand 2015 2nd rounder), you want a young prospect who is capable of being as good as the star you're trading one day (Terrence Ross), you want to unload a bad contract of minute soaking player (Glen Davis), and last you want to take back an expiring contract (John Salmons, technically his contract goes through to 2015 but there is a team option on him this off-season so he can and will be waived). Orlando gets everything they'd want in an Afflalo trade with this trade.

Why Toronto does it. They are sitting pretty at the third seed in a week eastern conference. They have a playoff berth and homecourt advantage through the first round all but locked up. However they'd like to actually make a run in the postseason. Afflalo gives them the chance to do that. It's literally that simple they acquire Afllalo and Glen because the two make them a better team for the short and long term.

Orlando's outlook
Projected lineup to close season
PG: Jameer (30MPG) Oladipo(18MPG)
SG: Oladipo (16MPG) Ross(24MPG) Moore(4MPG)
SF: Harkless (26MPG) Tobias(22MPG)
PF: Nicholson (28MPG) Kyle(10MPG) Tobias(10MPG)
C: Vucevic (34MPG) Kyle (14MPG)

After this trade we are primed to draft a PG preferably Exum to fill out this roster or if given the opportunity it would be very hard to pass on Wiggins and/or Parker so we could draft either one of them and mix the roster up which would be easy with loads of cap space, draft picks, players with trade value and players who can be interchanged through multiple positions. The point is this becomes one of the most flexible and talented young rosters in the league in which Hennigan is free to do whatever he wants and mold this Roster.

What do you guys think?

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