Player Most Likely To Be Selected With The Wonk Pick

There has been much discussion about the Magic's projected lottery pick in the super hyped 2014 Draft. That pick looks to be increasing in value with each passing game. What we have not spent a lot of time on however, is the pick affectionately know as the wonk pick. The wonk pick is currently projected to fall between picks 12-20. I will provide a list of players compiled from recent mock drafts. The list will include prospects that are currently mocked between picks 10-22. That gives us 12 potential, logical selections for the Magic to draft. Among fans, there seems to be two schools of thought in regards to drafting. The first being, to always select the best player available. The other being, need based drafting. This is trying to build your team piece by piece based on positional needs. For the purpose of this exercise, I will be using the need based method for the wonk pick.

10. Tyler Ennis PG Syracuce

11. Willie Cauley Stein C Kentucky

12. Jordan Clarkson PG Missouri

13. James Young SG/SF Kentucky

14. Doug McDermott SF Creighton

15. Jerami Grant SF Syracuse

16. Glenn Robinson iii SF Michigan

17. TJ Warren SG/SF NC State

18. Adrian Payne PF/C Michigan St.

19. Dario Saric SF/PF International

20. Jahii Carson PG Arizona St.

21. Semaj Christon PG Xavier

Our list of logical candidates consists of four point guards, six small forwards, and two centers. One of those players is likely the winner of the wonk sweepstakes! The next step is to put the pieces of our puzzle together. To do this, we will operate under a few hypothetical pretenses. The first being, that the Magic will be picking inside the top four with their first pick. The second hypothetical, is that with that we select either Joel Embiid, Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, or Marcus Smart.

Scenario 1. Joel Embiid, if we pick him, it will be because we feel he is the best player on the board with a ceiling that is to high to pass on. Drafting a center with Nik Vucevic already on the roster still leaves us with a gaping whole at the point guard position. This would likely lead to us drafting a floor general with the wonk pick. The logical contenders are Jordan Clarkson,Tyler Ennis, Semaj Christon, or Jahi Carson

Scenario 2. Jabari Parker, same train of thought as the Embiid pick, most likely Clarkson, Ennis, Christon, or Carson due to our need at the point.

Scenario 3. Andrew Wiggins, If he is the pick, it really limits Rob Hennigans options for the wonk pick! This draft is super deep at the small forward position. I think this variable, in conjunction with the existing presence of Moe Harkless and Tobias Harris on our roster, has to hurt Wiggins chances of being selected by the Magic. If Wiggins is the pick, it still leaves a glaring whole to be filled at the point guard position. Look for Clarkson, Ennis, Carson, or Christon

Scenario 4. Marcus Smart, this is were things get interesting, in my opinion his drafting really opens up the wonk pick! It could very well be the best player available. The drafting of Smart brings absolute clarity to the point guard position, but it also makes predicting the wonk pick that much more difficult. One factor is Aaron Afflalo, if he is traded there will be a need for a backup shooting guard. We also have young Moe Harkless and Andrew Nicholson at both forward spots. This logjam is further complicated by the tweener status of Tobias Harris. Factoring our existing personal into account, if Marcus Smart is our selection, I believe one of these players will be the wonk pick. Willie Cauley Stein C, Adrian Payne PF/C, T.J. Warren SG/SF, James Young SG/SF.

Below I will attach a poll. I would also like to hear from my peers on who their favorite player is on our wonk draft board! Please share in the comment thread.

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